Can astrology help you find fame and success?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Can astrology help you find fame and success?

What if we had the ability to decode the signs of the universe which herald the changes about to happen in our lives?

It may seem like a thought straight out of fantasy but is not just a, 'too good to be true' thought. Consulting an astrologer will definitely help because some movements in the ether, which you are unaware of plays a very vital role in your life.

The birth chart is an astrological chart or map which shows the position of the planets and the astrological houses at the exact time of a person's birth. It can define personal traits and these celestial bodies’ light years away, can change your destiny as they move along their defined path.  Our ancestors have observed these planets and their impact on our lives for thousands of years, whence is the base of astrology. Pioneers in the domain kept enhancing the knowledge base and finally in the course of time astrology has advanced a lot to empower us with information about our future. Astroyogi experts consider three main components in a birth chart, the signs, planets, and the houses.  Twelve birth signs refer to different constellations and the area corresponding to them, through which the planets, the sun, and moon moves. At the time of birth, the birth chart maps the position of each planet, sun, and moon with respect to these signs. For instance, mercury in Aries would mean that at the time of a person's birth mercury was in the space corresponding to Aries constellation. Each planet, the sun, and the moon represent various aspects of a person's personality and houses refers to through the planetary positions against the zodiacs. It shows where an energy is received in the form of human experience.

According to astroyogi experts, there are a few key planets and houses which would be analyzed thoroughly to predict one's fame and success. The second house relates to wealth, when the 10th, 11th, and 12th relate to a person's career choices, social life and limitations, these houses are crucial to one's success and fame. When it comes to planets sun, the moon, mercury, and mars plays a major part in determining how successful and famous an individual would be. Having said that our astrologers also reminds that astrology is a complex science to interpret, in order to make a prediction an astrologer needs to synthesize the whole chart and draw a holistic picture. Often predictions made out of particular aspect in the birth chart, like a planet or house without considering other’s positions, impact and implications would result in wrong predictions.  This needs expertise and knowledge which only an experienced astrologer would possess.

While there is a plethora of automated astrology applications available online, astrological predictions could never be the output of a computer programs. It requires human perspective and experience to be accurate. If you feel like there is something special about you which can help you excel in life consult an astrologer to discover your destiny.