Can an Astrologer Tell Me When I Will Get Married?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Can an Astrologer Tell Me When I Will Get Married?

Hindus greatly believe in Vedic astrology for correct guidance in all aspects of life. Their belief is that, the knowledge about astrology in the form of hymns was taught by the Gods to the Rishis(saints). These were passed by word of mouth from one generation to the next, till they were finally compiled and written by the sage Vyasa in the four Vedas. Thus, astrology is a very sacred knowledge as it is believed to be Gods own words directed towards a native, which can be read ‘off’ his birth chart. A birth chart of a native is made using his time, date and year of birth.

The seventh House of the native’s birth chart, gives details of marriage and intimate partnerships. It is called the ‘House of relationships’. An astrologer can look at your birth chart and study this House, to tell you when you will get married. If he finds Jupiter transit the seventh House, for approximately one year, in your birth chart(or aspects the ruler of this House), it suggests very bright chances for favorable partnerships and love relationships.

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At this time, those who are single; have prospect of coming across someone who will charm them off their feet and those who are already in a relationship could decide to take the plunge and tie the nuptial knot. The universe will have the answer for you, and your mental make-up will be such that your mind will move you towards thinking of settling down during this time. You will be open to think about your life in that-a-way….having a positive attitude, being confident and wanting to meet people with the thought of settling down.

So, to find out when you could be getting married or meeting someone you would want to marry; simply get a birth chart made by an astrologer. You just have to provide your time, date and year of birth and the astrologer will be able to make a correct prediction. In fact, astrologers can also predict what kind of married life a person can have, whether it will be love marriage or arranged and what kind of life partner a native will have(with the help of ‘Navmansha Chart’). This, of course, is only possible if you know your exact time of birth. With a variation of even 15 to 20 minutes, the ‘mahadasha’ (period) and sub periods get effected.

The placement of the planets in the seventh house can also tell the age by which a native can get married. A good astrologer will be able to tell the ruling planet of a native’s marriage and depending on what that is, he can even predict in which city the native can get married.

The seventh and eighth Houses are important for post marriage predictions. If the seventh house is surrounded by malefic planets, married life could be turbulent and if by benefic planets, then it would be happy.

Many Vedic astrologers, base their prediction about marriage, after confirming the past of the native, his nature, habits etc., as this determines accuracy of the horoscope made.