Beat the Blues, the Astro Way!

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Beat the Blues, the Astro Way!

The different zodiac signs seem to have evolved different mechanisms to deal with the sudden bouts of anxiety in their lives. For instance Arians tend to go for fun activities while Taureans like to sit down and relax.

Are you stressed and don’t know what to do? Read on to know the simple ways to bring back that lost smile back on your face.


Stress triggers a strange reaction in people born under the Aries sun sign. They become restless and agitated, and thus the best way to deal with stress would be to engage in some fun sports or perhaps even some strenuous activity like hitting the gym or adventure sports. Venting out your feelings by writing down also helps.


This Earth sign seeks solace in the simple pleasures of life when stressed. Watching their favourite TV show or cooking up a sumptuous meal or even just sitting in the comfort of their home sipping some hot tea or devouring a yummy appetizer is sure to lift up their spirits. But, the best way to eliminate stress would be to go out and pamper yourself with a trip to the spa.


When life becomes complicated, the twins tend to follow a fuss free method to bring their life back on track which is talking. Communicating their thoughts with others flushes out whatever anxiety has been dwelling in their minds. Solving puzzles and playing scramble is also known to alleviate stress for Geminis.


The watery crabs have a tendency to become too stressed too easily. When stressed they become preoccupied with the problem at hand and forget about everything else and the one thing that suffers the most is their appetite. If an empty mind is a devil’s workshop then an empty tummy is the devil’s fueling powerhouse (doesn’t it growl and howl like a devil?). Therefore, in order to kill the devil you need to eat something or may be even cook; the aroma of good food is certain to put your dilemmas to rest and give energy to your tired minds.


Stress makes the lions and lionesses of the zodiac doubt their self worth and therefore a quick fix to beat the blues would be to revisit the good old days by taking out that old high school album or dressing to the nines and going to a party where people will acknowledge your charm thus giving you that much needed confidence boost.


When stress starts interfering in your day to day life, the best possible solution would be to focus your concentration on the mundane things of life. Revamping your wardrobe or cleaning the house will provide some relief from anxiety. Solving puzzles is also a great way to eliminate all the toxic depression chemicals from your system.


Nervousness and anxiety has an altogether different impact on Librans. They become too critical of themselves and start worrying about the smallest of things. Sometimes running away from one’s problems is a more rational approach than trying to face them when you really don’t have the energy to do so and in consequence get entwined further in it. Go behind the wheels for a long drive to a serene place where you can smell the freshness and forget your worries.


Being stressed comes naturally to you, so much so that the need for a relevant reason to feel stressed becomes nonessential. The best way to beat stress would be to isolate yourself from the world for sometime but remember too much isolation is also not healthy. Going out for a walk in pleasant places or watching or reading mystery novels will do it for you.


Sagittarius is not a sign one would associate with stress and depression, perhaps because they are always smiling and having fun. However, when the going gets tough even the jolly Sagittarians feel the heat. Going for a short trip with family and friends would be a great idea and if that isn’t possible, just browsing through travel books would suffice.


When faced with adverse circumstances, immersing themselves completely in work is a common resort for the goats. They tend to cut off themselves from everything and find refuge in toiling. But, you need to remember that overtiring yourself is not going to bail you out from your misery, it would do anything but stress you further. Spending time with children and your near and dear ones will work for you.


Aquarians may be the eccentrics of the zodiac but depressed they are not. And even when the unexpected happens they are all geared to make things right for they cannot remain unhappy for a long time. They will call up their close buddies and enjoy themselves to the hilt in order to divert their attention to the happy things in life, and sometime during all the merry making they would have a solution figured out in their heads. Bravo!


Getting stressed is not something you are unfamiliar with. The water signs are susceptible to depression and Pisces out of all the three is particularly more prone than the rest of them, which is why it becomes vital for you to relax and loosen up once in a while. Since, Pisceans are considered good at visualizing, thinking of a time when you weren’t plagued by your recent problems would serve to at least make your problems seem less grave. Catching up with friends and going out for a movie will also help a great deal.