Will There Be More to Celebrate for Shahid Kapoor on His 36th Birthday?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Will There Be More to Celebrate for Shahid Kapoor on His 36th Birthday?

Shahid Kapoor has come a long way in Bollywood, from that chocolate boy in the Aryans music video, who was spotted by producer Ramesh Taurani. He has been through a lot in his career, but at the bottom line, anyone would evaluate him as a fortunate upcoming star who is talented and has luck in his favor. Luck is an important factor in Bollywood, there is no denial of the fact, a lot of talent actors have never been able to make it to the silver screen and many others were abandoned mercilessly by Bollywood, despite their talent and good looks. Shahid Kapoor’s last release ‘Udta Punjab’ had been widely noticed and appreciated by moviegoers and critics. The actor seems to be very selective about the kind of films he is signing, as there had been very few film releases in the recent years.

Astroyogi experts try to analyze the faith of the movie- Rangoon and its effect on Shahid Kapoor based upon his birth chart and the movie release date. Rangoon released on the 24th of February 2017, on this day moon transits into the Shravana constellation, Sun stays in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio. If we consider the effects of these planetary positions on Shahid Kapoor, whose sun sign is Pisces, things seem to be in his favor. Expert opinion says the movie will increase his popularity and will gain him accolades for good performance. Mars in Scorpio would be beneficial for the actor financially, it indicates that the actor would have some financial gains from the release. It can mean that he would be able to quote a bigger remuneration from producers, after the success of Rangoon or else he could receive a share of profit collected by the movie. Sun in Aquarius can bring professional success and this can mean that the actor could be revered for his performance in the movie by critics and audience. So by all chances, the actor would be grinning from ear to ear for his Birthday bash and would also be celebrating his movie’s success. For a personal consultation with expert astrologers in India, click here.

Rangoon his latest release is crucial for his co-actors Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Renaut also. Saif Ali Khan desperately needs a hit as he didn’t deliver any hit ever since ‘cocktail’. Kangana, on the other hand, has just been through a storm of controversies and media allegations regarding her bitterly ended relationship with Hrithik Roshan. Though she has been consistent in her performance and had been delivering hits, she would need a complete image makeover and a hit which would overshadow all the allegations with its box office success.  As Bollywood actors, they all need to deliver consistent hits to sustain their stardom or else will be stripped off it and left behind.  Team astroYogi wishes all the best for the whole team of Rangoon.

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