Astroyogi: Understanding Numerology

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Astroyogi: Understanding Numerology

Numerology has risen in popularity and is widely being used by people from all walks of life. Though the belief in Numerology is rising, people are not well aware of the science and its logic. Numerologists work on the principle that each letter is assigned a Numeric value which has its own vibration and its influence on a person. The Numeric value of a person’s name can easily be worked out by making the total of the numeric values assigned to each letters of his or her name. There are, of course, different methods of Numerology devised in different parts of the world, used by different cultures, like, the Latin alphabet system, the Abjad system, and the Chinese numerology. Basically, there are eleven numbers used to construct a numerology chart and they are: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 and 22. Any number above these, obtained by adding the date of birth or values assigned to the alphabets of  full name will be reduced to single digits or the master numbers (11 and 22), by adding the two digits of those numbers. Find out, what your life path number is telling about your destiny.

The major considerations for a Numerological analysis is are the following:

Our Birthday number-This number is the most important and is unchangeable. It is generally calculated using your birth year, month and date. It is the most influential number of your destiny and life.

Our Heart number-This is also called the Soul’s urge. It is calculated using the vowels in your name and some numerologists considers Y too. Your heart number tells all about what you yearn for in your life, your dreams, what motivates you and so this number has a strong influence on what you do in your life.

Our Maturity number- It is calculated using your birthday number and your full name at birth. This number denotes the desires and ambitions that you had as youngsters and by the age of 30-35, you are able to focus on them and direct your life towards achieving that. The maturity number reminds you of your dreams to make you realize it and not waste your time going round and round to discover yourself.

Our Destiny number- It is calculated by the sum total of all the numbers assigned to your complete name (including middle name). Destiny is more important than the birthday or heart number and becomes more powerful after 35 years of age. This helps you to discover who you were truly meant to be. It is believed that your destiny number is a result of your past karma.

Numerology helps in understanding  yourself better, gain deeper knowledge of what you actually would be best at doing, discover more about your psyche, family, career, love and relationships, AstroYogi  features the best Numerologists in India. Click here for a personalized consultation.

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