astroYogi explains ’The Law of attraction’

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Astryogi Explains - The Law of Attraction

We often come across situations in life when we are very clear about what we don’t want to happen, but then the exact thing happens to us. According to the law of attraction, this happens because we had focused a lot on what we don’t want, and the more emphasis and thoughts we have about it, we attract more of such situations into our life. So the crux of the whole concept is to shift the way of you think and to develop a positive outlook towards life in order to attract happiness. 

There are many examples from our Puranas which relates to this concept. We have heard many mythological stories from Puranas in which worshipers got rewarded by superhuman powers and abilities from their deity after focused meditation of years. Even science bolsters our faith in this concept as Darwin’s theory of evolution also points towards the power of the mind to attract things into life. According to the theory, an organism adapts to its surroundings and ecosystem by making changes in its body in to survive. Animals evolved from the same ancestors look different when they migrated to different terrains because they adapted to suit their varied lifestyle and environment. Now, an animal or plant can’t make a change to its body which would be carried on through generations. It’s a genetic change which affects the whole anatomy of the animal and it is first conceived in its mind and then manifested in its body in the course of evolution. That is how powerful the mind is.

Most people who disdain this concept would question it by asking why people are unhappy or dissatisfied if they could have whatever they want in life? Well, there are two reasons for that, the first reason is that, though everyone is clear about what they want in life. They may be worrying a lot about what if they don’t achieve what they want. A major portion of their thought space, would be occupied by negative feelings and emotions like fear, disappointment, stress etc. It is a task in itself to change the way we think and is impossible to monitor our thoughts and to have absolute control over them because we have thousands of them in a day. But what we can have control over is our mood and feelings. This can be achieved by being immune to negative thoughts, having a strong faith that good things will happen to you in life and also by appreciating whatever you have in life. Yoga and meditation will also come handy here to help you direct your emotions and moods.

The second reason is that it is not only about us. Any change brought about in the universe will have a direct and indirect effect on all beings. So there is a time delay for anything to happen, this is the universe's way of testing your persistence and determination. Your struggle and persistence create the space to accommodate the change you want and the external factors also adapt accordingly. So the boon which you want will only be delivered when both you and the universe is ready for it.

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