Answers Some FAQs of Non-believers in Astrology

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Answers Some FAQs of Non-believers in Astrology

We are living in an advanced era, but it has been so for centuries. Technology and scientific advancements have always made us feel much superior to our preceding generations, but the truth is, technological and scientific advancements are ongoing processes. Today’s cutting edge technology will be obsolete in a matter of time. Whatever exciting revelations and findings we come out, our ancestors would have significant contributions to it. Astrology was the top notch scientific stream before many generations. This stream of science studied the connection between life on earth and the cosmic bodies. It has a strong follower base in the current generation too, but many of the population tend to disdain this ancient science because it has a very occult and religious outlook (obviously the influence of Vedic era in which astrology had evolved).  The faith, belief, and dependence of millions around the world in Vedic astrology are enough to prove the mettle of this science. But astroYogi’s expert astrologers would like to answer some common FAQs of non-believers to substantiate the fact that astrology is as logical as it is spiritual.

Why don’t people of the same zodiac sign have the same Characteristics?

It would have been very easy if we could categorize the whole humanity into 12 sets, with distinct characteristics, but unfortunately or rather, fortunately, that is not possible. People are unique and nobody else in the world would have exactly the same characteristics of another person. Just like your DNA code which holds the blueprint of your physical aspects, there are tens of thousands of variables in a birth chart, which would make up one’s personality. If we are to find out the factors which would be submerged and the ones which will come to the forefront of one’s personality, we need to dig deep into one’s birth chart. One’s Sun sign or moon sign is that portion of the sky in which Sun or Moon was positioned during the birth of a person. Though there are some common personality traits and characteristics which are typical to each zodiac sign, it alone is inadequate to explain the complete personality of a person. There are numerous other factors like the positioning of other planet and the ascendant of the native which should be taken into consideration. Then an astrologer would need to take a holistic view at a person’s birth chart, rather than just looking into individual aspects, because the personality of a person would be the result of combined effect of different planetary positions in the birth chart and other aspects.

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How will the planets which are so far away affect our lives?

‘Nav Grahas’ or the nine planets considered in astrology would have varied effects on our life and destiny depend upon their transits, retrogression, progression, conjunction with other planets and their positioning in our birth chart. Each planet or ‘Graha ‘is identified as key significator of different attributes in Vedic astrology. But if we have to scientifically explain that these planets are affecting life on earth then, there is no denial of the fact that Sun is the energy source for all living beings on earth. The Moon’s tidal forces will bolster the fact that it would have an impact on humans, who are made up with 70% water. Now, other planets may look frivolous and meaningless in their lives for some of our non-believer friends. The electric universe theory substantiated by powerful scientific evidence based on plasma physics says that the whole space is an electrically charged field in which all matter and cosmic bodies are connected. All the research and studies of ancient scholars about celestial objects which forms the knowledge base underpinning astrology was based on the belief that they influence events on earth and our destiny.  This is validated by modern day findings that the biggest climatic changes experienced by our planet are brought in by other planets in the solar system. Through their gravitational tugging, the Moon and planets distort the shape of the Earth’s orbit and the tilt of its axis to its orbit, this, in turn, causes subtle changes in the intensity of sunlight reaching us. By altering the level of heat reaching different latitudes, these changes are now found to play a key role in triggering the huge expansion in polar ice during the Ice age.

Why are the other planets in the solar system not considered in astrology?

Some non-believers claim that astrologers have got it all wrong because they count Sun and the Moon as planets and other planets like Neptune and Uranus are not taken into consideration. Expert astrologers will get a little bit onto their face and say that is because the nine ‘Grahas’ and nine planets are not the same. Graha means a cosmic body in the sky which moves and planets are astronomical bodies in the solar system which revolves around the Sun. The reason why Sun is counted as a ‘Graha’ simply because it moves in the sky. The nine ‘Grahas’ in Vedic astrology are those cosmic bodies which are found to influence life on earth.  That is the reason why Rahu and Ketu the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon are also counted as Grahas. These are called shadow planets because they are not physically present, but eclipses occur when Sun and Moon are at one of these lunar nodes (Rahu or Ketu). Their positions are used in Vedic astrology to calculate the occurrence of eclipses, which are considered to be very significant in Vedic astrology. Other planets like Neptune and Puto are not considered because they don’t “move” with any observable speed in the short term, even when observed through a telescope, as they are a lot farther away than the farthest Graha Saturn.

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