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Yuvraj and his future

Yuvraj and his future

Time and again Yuvraj Singh has proved that he’s a fighter. Even today when he’s battling against lung cancer, Yuvi, as he is popularly known as, has shown his fearless side and spirit by telling everyone that he will be back soon.

It was indeed a great shock for the nation when Yuvraj Singh's mother Shabnam Singh revealed a few days ago that a golf ball-sized tumour was found over his left lung. Thankfully, the tumour is non-malignant and non-threatening and can be dissolved by proper medication and therapy.

Till he is fully recovered, his fans will be missing Yuvraj Singh on the field. This hard-hitting left-handed batsman has brought many laurels to the cricket crazy nation by winning several matches and tournaments. He won the Man of the Tournament at the 2011 cricket World Cup and helped Team India in lifting the Cup after a gap of 28 years. And who can forget his six sixes in an over against England's fast bowler Stuart Broad at the 2007 World T20? His part-time left-arm orthodox spin has also come in handy for his team in picking crucial wickets. As everybody knows, Yuvraj is also a classic fielder.

Though Yuvraj is a regular in One-day and T20 side, he has been in and out of the Test side. Despite having given ample opportunities, he always failed to seize it. Yuvraj is making a speedy recovery from his disease but will it have any effect on him once he returns to the field? What will 2012 bring for him?

Bold, dashing and spirited – that’s what Yuvraj’s sun sign Sagittarius describes him as. Sagittarians are ambitious - always aiming higher than the goal they initially set for themselves. They love challenges and are too full of energy to sit still. Born on December 12, 1981, his ruling number is 3. This number is governed by the Planet Jupiter. This planet ensures plenty of opportunities for career advancement for Yuvi. His ambition and drive will always motivate him to strive for constant improvements in his life. The initial period of 2012 will hit low in his career but the mid year starting from July till September is the period when Yuvi will actually bounce back.

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