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Will Hrithik Roshan Remarry in 2017?

Will Hrithik Roshan Remarry in 2017?

Celebrities have their price to pay for all the glamor in life.The bigger and flashy a star gets, he or she is more susceptible for encroachments into their private space, because the media has to quench rising demands of tabloid columns. When Bollywood's heartthrob Hrithik Roshan decided to get divorced in 2014, speculationswere rife on why he is getting divorced, and who he is getting remarried to. People lost their interest in gossips talking about‘why’s’ of the divorce when both Sussanne and Hrithik, were spotted in public. Then it was all about his remarriage –there was a long list of suspects including his first wife Sussanne and a few others who he was spotted with.

Many tried to predict the year in which Hrithik would remarry, based on his horoscope. Fans waited with bated breath for the announcement of his marriage last year, but 2016 was disappointing for them. In fact, by the year end, he was seen again with ex-wife Sussanne, but it was later learned that Hrithik, being a typical family man, wanted to spend quality time with his children. So now, as 2017 unfolds, his fans are scrambling over excitedly to read what astrologers predict about the actor’s faith in 2017.

Astroyogi's expert astrologers came up with some revelations after taking a look at the Horoscope of the superstar. Hrithik, being a Capricorn, will have a very promising 2017. Capricorn is the 10th sign of Zodiac and is ruled by the Planet Saturn. Stars foretell that this year Capricorns will have smooth relationships. Hrithik has been concentrating more on his promising career, than settling down. Because of Rahu’s presence in Leo, the 8th house from his Zodiac sign, Hrithik respects relationships and will not commit to someone unless he is really serious about the relationship. After a serious setback once, he is not the one to just jump into another bandwagon without thinking. For expert advice on your marriage and relationships consult the best astrologers in India.

In love, he needs to be more compromising and more emotional. Since he might be having a few health issues in 2017, his interest in the fairer sex could be on the low ebb in the first half of the year. In April, the Mercury retrograde of 2017 may affect his love life and this could be a difficult time for him. Being a Capricorn, he does not display his emotions easily, so that can be confusing to the opposite sex. By the middle of the year, he could start becoming more serious about love and there are bright chances of him thinking of settling down by the year end. Our experts predict that there are fair chances for Hrithik’s remarriage by the end of 2017.

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