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Why Ranbir Kapoor Will Break Your Heart

Why Ranbir Kapoor Will Break Your Heart

Ranbir is the epitome of any fairer sex's dream. We say 'any' because leave alone the drooly, giggly, wide-eyed youngsters; but even the auntyjis would want to coochie-coo and mother him. Being a progeny of the favourite heart-throbs of the 80's - Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor, and coming from the Kapoor's genealogy, this guy has it made for him. Add to that his Libran characteristics of charm, attractiveness, 'easy to fall in love with' nature and you are home! Not to mention that the guy is a great actor.

When Ranbir made his debut appearance in Saawariyaan in 2007; the director knew exactly how the audience was going to lap up this piece of hunk! Thanks to his Libran good looks and that body, that would make females go mmmmmm, he was introduced in just a towel - which needless to say, was an instant hit!! 

Most of the Libran male characteristics can easily be identified with Ranbir - his infinite boyish charm, his friendly demeanor, his carefree attitude and the way he connects with people (which very few sun signs possess). How can any sane woman not give her heart to him?

Playing romantic roles in movies like Saawariya, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani,Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewaani and especially Bachna Ae Haseeno, where he showed perfection in the art of breaking hearts etc; came very naturally to him, thanks to his Libran traits. But he surpassed himself in intense movies like Rockstar, Raajneeti, again thanks to his Libran nature of being committed to work and doing well in life. His most adorable role in Barfi had almost everyone eating out of his hands. When his heart broke in the movie and if such a feeling could evoke a sound...the silence of the hall would be shattered with the multitude of hearts just breaking into thousand pieces. Most of the auntyjis, at that moment must be wanting to kill each other, if they could just reach out to hold him to their bosom to console him. 

Since a Libran is romantic at heart, just looking at Ranbir, makes a woman want to love. Ranbir is of course, aware of his effect on the heart-beats of the opposite sex, and being a Libran, is great at social gatherings. He tends to include people in his conversations thereby, making all feel comfortable and welcome.

It's no wonder that his breakup with Katrina Kaif, of a six-year-long relationship, is making the fairer sex feel all 'mushy' only for him. Add to that the Libran characteristic of wanting to be pampered and we say more? But be warned, Librans may be very picky about who they choose as a partner and are characterized as being quite indecisive. The most defining trait of a Libran is their inability to maintain interest. So ladies, be careful of your hearts! 

Ranbir may be the epitome of sexiness, but the Libran mood swings could leave you in doldrum! 

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