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When to Shift Gears in Your Career

When to Shift Gears in Your Career

The market nowadays is looking for people with talent and creativity. If you think you’ve got innovative ideas and have a vision, and you do not want to do the same monotonous work everyday, maybe a career change is a good idea! The younger generation, especially, want their careers to be associated with creating positive social change.

A non-stimulating work environment and a poor rewarding system has increased the number of turnover in employees. People are now looking for jobs that offer them the potential for growth and making a difference.

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If you feel unhappy with your current job, it may be time for a career change. But before making any drastic decisions, like maybe giving your resignation, or telling your boss you need a sabbatical, you need to think about some questions. Ask yourself what you need and want from your next job. Is it the inflexible hours that gives you less time to spend to socialize? Are you constantly working on a case, or project, or preparing for a very important meeting even when you are at home? Do you not get weekends to spend with your family? Or are you simply bored of the work you do now? Do you feel you should be doing something meaningful, somewhere you can make a difference?

Are you ready, emotionally and practically? It will not be easy in the beginning. You will have to struggle, hustle, work harder, and cut back on luxuries to save money. Making a career change requires time. So, be mentally and physically prepared for all the work.

If you’re not sure what you want to do, or want to simply explore your options, find out more about jobs that match your profile/interest. A shorter and easier way would be to take personality tests online or career aptitude tests. You can also go meet a career counselor for some help.

A probably next step, if you are still unsure could be to intern. Some internship do not offer a stipend, but at least you will know if you are interested in that particular area on a long term basis. But check your financial status before you take this step.

Once you decide to switch careers, there are some things you will have to set up. Your CV, for example, needs to stand out. Spend an adequate amount of time on it; it is what will convince employers to give you an interview. You should also work on your networks and contacts before switching jobs. Ask your sources if there may be any job openings in the field of your desire. Your networking skills will play a significant role in finding you a good job with a good pay.

Set a time frame for yourself. You should manage to find a new job within this time frame. While waiting to hear back from the companies you apply to, do not sit idle. Work on building your personal skills, or maybe get in touch with a non-profit organization to contribute with some social work. Read as much as you can; about the market, the companies, what new inventions are coming out.

All these will only add to your profile as an employee.


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