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When Fame Knocks On Your Door

When Fame Knocks On Your Door

Remember the movies in which the family ‘pandit’ announces in a profound tone, at the birth of a child,”This child will rise to an incredible new height in life”! And no one dares doubt the prophecy! 

What prompts the learned ‘pandit’ to make such a declaration with confidence? Well, he says this after going through the birth chart of the baby - a chart consisting of twelve Houses, that was drawn up by consulting the position of the planets, at the time of the birth.

According to Vedic astrology, attainment of fame is studied through the ‘lagna’  and the various ‘Yogas’, ‘Kendras’ and ‘Trikonas’. ‘Yoga’ is the association of planets to yield specific result. The association can be through conjunction, mutual location in each other’s sign and by mutual aspect. ‘Kendras’ and ‘Trikonas’ are considered to be the most benefic Houses.

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Vedic astrology uses nine planets, called ‘Grahas’, in the birth chart analysis. They are:

The Sun (Surya/Ravi), Moon (Chandra/ Sandu), Mars (Mangal/Kuja), Mercury (Budha), Jupiter (Guru/ Brahaspathi), Venus (Shukra/Sikuru), Saturn (Shani/Senasuru), Northern Lunar Node(Rahu) and the Southern Lunar Node(Ketu).

While all nine planets give fame to some extent; fame given by Rahu and Venus is more powerful; specially when they are in the 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th house of the main birth chart without malefic influence. Good placement of Jupiter and Moon in a birth chart also give fame to the native.

To be famous, for example; some of the important astrological combinations are:

1) When the Ascendant or ‘Lagna' and its Lord is strong, the foundation of the birth chart is strong. In such a case, any good ‘Yoga’, whether it is ‘Panch Mahapurush Yoga’, ‘Gaja-Kesari Yoga’, ’Adhi Yoga’ or ‘Raj Yoga’ , will be able to function properly, to make the native famous.

2)  When the Lord of ‘Arudha Lagna’ (AL) is well placed with strong ‘Kendra houses(4,7,10) and the 2nd house from AL sustains the image, the native attains fame even after death.

3)  When a Planet like Rahu is well placed in the 10th house, it can give massive fame to the native.

4) The ‘Dasha-Antardasha’ should also be right at the right time for fame to come knocking at the door.

Different planets can give different types of fame to the native. For example:

  1. Sun can give fame in politics or other government post.
  2. Moon can give fame in any field, even ill-fame, depending on ‘Nakshatra’.
  3. Mars can give fame in sports, administrative, engineering or editorial department and can promote the native to a CEO level.
  4. Mercury can make the native a famous businessman or give them fame in social networking.
  5. Jupiter can make the native a famed leader or minister or give him power in the advisory board.
  6. Saturn in conjunction with the concerned Houses, can give the native any kind of fame. It also gives the native a tantric or sanyasi kind of fame or fame in the political arena.


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