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What`s your flirting style?

What`s your flirting style?

Love at first sight is very real and people have created their own unique ways to get someone interested. There are many ways in which people communicate their romantic interest. The flirting comes first, and then Cupid strikes. But if you think men are the only ones who communicate physical attraction, you'd be wrong as both men and women are equally into flirting.

What is your flirting technique? Find out! 

Aries: Aries men like to show off their muscle power and sometimes their intelligence, but most of the time they flaunt their biceps to impress women around them. Aries women, on the other hand like asking scientific and philosophical questions and spark off interest with their intelligence. Also, Aries likes listening and looking into their partner’s eyes. Their presence is like an addiction, once you have an Arian interested in you, you will not be able to say goodbye.

Taurus: Taurus relies on facial expressions to get people hooked into them. They believe that their sex appeal lies in adorable facial expressions. They have expressions for everything and every occasion. They also like to show off that they are disciplined and may want to attract someone by showing only their decent side.

Gemini: Being bold and brash isn’t for the faint of heart but more for those who know what they want and how to get it. Gemini men are not afraid to touch a woman physically. Gemini women express their interest by lightly touching and whispering in the ear of their man.

Cancer: Cancer people like watching rather than speaking. They believe in observing people. They are coy and quiet, but when they start speaking you can’t stop them. Cancer people are able to read the verbal cues people give them and they like to act upon it. They always display a little bit of attraction, and then pull away. This is a routine the Cancer loves to follow.

Leo: They show a demure side of their personality to seduce that someone who’s sparked their interest. Domination is what makes Leo stand apart in the crowd. But when they fall for someone, you may notice a visible change in behaviour and their body language. They’ll be sensitive and caring when you least expect them to be.

Virgo: They are direct and honest in their approach, even when they are flirting! If someone impresses them then they give them compliments. In Virgo’s case, like alcohol, flirting can be disastrous when in excess. If you flirt with them then they might look down upon you but when it’s the reverse, they are okay with it.

Libra: A Libran likes to demonstrate her perfectionism and well balanced nature to make men fall for her. Physical signs are too crass for her. The Libra man relies on his charm and his sweet smile to make ladies fall head over heels for him.  Knowledge and humour are the two weapons they are most likely to rely on.

Scorpio: If a guy stands on the street with his eyes firmly planted on your curves, expect him to be a Scorpio. They don’t hesitate when it comes to expressing their interest. Scorpio people usually live in their own world but they can’t survive without passion. Both Scorpio men and women wear a seductive smile on their face and people fall for their hard to get act. They constantly run their fingers through their hair to grab attention.

Sagittarius: You always see Sagittarius people running around, laughing and yelling like Tarzan. They are very playful and love teasing others. They are natural born attention winners. People don’t mind it when they touch them instead they laugh. A Sagittarius girl can be the biggest liar when it comes to flirting and may spin a web of lies just to attract people around her.

Capricorn: Capricorns are serious, mysterious and vague, and they flirt in their own unique way. They dominate in a very clever way. Their mysterious charm invokes your curiosity and you will go on finding more and more about the person. Their flirting technique is addictive.

Aquarius: Aquarians never go out of their way to seek attention. They are always prim and proper in their approach. They don’t believe in the term ‘flirting’. They are naturals at humour. They will make you laugh all day and night and you’ll find it impossible to resist the Aquarian charm.

Pisces: The fish is playful and a natural at flirting. This is a game he knows well and plays excellently. They don’t mean you any harm but they like to surround themselves with many admirers. Compulsive flirting defines the Piscean.  They are very open in their conversations. The Piscean woman is mysterious and relies on her aura of mystery to captivate men. She’s a seductress and quite an irresistible one at that.

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