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What to wear according to your zodiac sign

What to wear according to your zodiac sign

Ever wondered why Indians wear bright coloured clothes with sophisticated embroidery for festivals, events or parties just on a bright sunny day or why the Italians are known to wear shades of black, grey or blue or why Japanese people wear kimonos with flowers and various designs or why Mongolians and the Turks wear 'deel'? Well, they may have their specific reasons but we understand how a style or colour of clothing can affect or give an impression onto others as well as be helpful to you as per your zodiac sign. Similarly, individuals wearing mismatching coloured can be seriously affected by their zodiac sign and probably also lose their impression upon others. Let's see what 2018 has in store for each zodiac sign to wear.

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Aries: Bold, bright and radiant colours that are vibrant are to be worn such as bright red, blue, green and other bold colours. Natives with their natural inborn confidence are a sector of individuals who can sport almost every colour imaginable. Try out your own concoction with dynamic accessories. That being said, these colours will help your positive energy.

Taurus: It is advised to invest in a couple of clothes in black colour as this will ward off the evils and bring positivity around you. Although, quality with fine craftsmanship is the main requirement of the natives, neutral colours like Brown and blue are also significantly helpful.

Gemini: Yellow, orange and magenta are the main colours for the individuals of this sign. These colours will ensure to make you the centre of attraction anywhere you go. If you do run out of options, always make sure to wear bright coloured clothes. It is also advised wear some strong and bold accessories to accentuate the positive results.

Cancer: Natives are advised to stay in control and safe by wearing colours like white or silver. If you find that these coloured clothes you have are still in the dryer then the safest bet is to wear light Grey coloured clothes. Regardless, what you wear will always make you look in place and aligned well.

Leo: Time to bring out your flamboyance. Red, gold, black will help boost your charm and positivity all around. It is also recommended to wear glittery accessories as well. The outfits you wear will be down to earth yet flamboyant in a retro fashion but has to be of strong colours such as mentioned.

Virgo: Straight up black or white with a strike of red. Earth tones are highly recommended as well such as brown and green. These will bring out the best in you with high positivity. Accessories are required to a minimal level of sophistication.

Libra: White, Blue and Pink are the colours for the natives of this sign. They will definitely bring out the beauty in you with style. It is recommended to wear accessories of the similar colours to maintain balance in yourself.

Scorpio: Natives are cool and daring in their behavioural attitude, therefore, deep red, blue, plum and black are the colours for this sign. These rich colours will make the natives look mysterious and have a sensuality about them.

Sagittarius: Peach, White and beige are the colours for the natives of this sign. Comfort is the essential key here. Accessories are not recommended for the individuals as it will cause hindrances and backdrops.

Capricorn: Indigo, Green and Black are the colours for this sign's individuals. The personality will shine brightly with these colours and bring positivity to them. Accessories are advised to be worn to a minimum.

Aquarius: Electric Blue, turquoise violet and vibrant colours like red are applicable to the natives of this sign. Accessories are also recommended to be bold and similar colours if possible. Positive traits will be on a high when these colours are worn.

Pisces: As their naturally romantic behaviour is always in a flow, colours like lavender, pink, pale blue and sea green are highly recommended for the natives. Accessories can be a simple touch of similar colours to ward off any negativity.


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