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Vastu Tips for Puja Room

Vastu Tips for Puja Room

A temple or puja room is a sacred and important part of our home. But if its placement is not right then your prayers won’t yield the desired results. In order to enhance the positive energy at home, one must design the puja room carefully according to the principles of Vastu. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • The puja room should be in the Ishan Kon i.e the Northeast diection. This is considered as the direction of Gods. Ishan Kon has a lot of significance because it is believed that when Vastu Purush was brought down to the Earth, his head was in the northeast direction. This is also the direction which receives Sun’s rays which help purify the environment and bring positivity.
  • Temple shouldn’t be located in the bedroom. But if for some reason, it is there in your room, then place a curtain in front of it especially at night.  
  • Students should face north while praying. Others should face east. North is known as the career direction and east is known as the direction of wealth.
  • Don’t build your puja room below, adjacent, above or opposite to the bathroom. It shouldn’t be located near the kitchen, under a staircase or in the basement.
  • Photographs of the deceased family members shouldn’t be placed along with the deities in the temple.
  • Don’t display broken idols or torn pictures in the puja room. 


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