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Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15, 2014

Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15, 2014

On April 15, 2014 a Total Lunar Eclipse will occur at 25 degrees and 16 minutes of Libra and the effects of this eclipse will be most pronounced for those who belong to the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Even those with rising or ascendant in these signs should expect a significant impact. The Full Moon of April is also known as the Pink Moon. The reason behind the name is said to be the blooming of the earliest Pink Phlox and wildflowers during the month of April. The Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15 is also referred to as the 'Blood Red Moon'. The Moon will glow with an Orange-red tint.

Lunar Eclipses are associated with your emotions, as the Moon rules this aspect of your personality.

During a Lunar Eclipse, you will find yourself thinking more deeply about the future. You will spend time reflecting on the past and identify what were the things you didn't do well. Relationships that didn't work out and why and the past will occupy your thoughts. The time you spend to figure these things out will bring you clarity and clear the way for you to let go of the past. Embracing the present will come easy to you during this intense transit of the Moon.

Growth is experienced during this moon phase. A person learns from his or her experience and realizes the mistakes made in the past and is determined to alter the course of his life by making wise choices. Rethinking helps the person analyze his behavior and navigate through the various curves and hurdles in life's path.

Inner healing is possible during the lunar eclipse. Pain caused by the failure of a marriage or the end of a relationship subsides and the person will finally acknowledge how everything happens for the good and can now clearly see the 'why' that had been eluding him for a long time. This paves the way for future happiness and one must always live life in pursuit of joyous beginnings.

Libra, the sign that craves partnership above all other signs will feel the deep impact of the Moon and will gain tremendously from this lunar influence. Decisions will be taken and indecisiveness will be under control, as hard as it may sound to you, dear Libra. You are not known for being one of the quickest in terms of decision-making. The Moon brings you contentment and you are clear about your desires and goals in life. There's much to be gained from this transit and you should not let go of beautiful opportunities that the cosmos throws your way.


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