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The Truth about Numerology

The Truth about Numerology

Numerology is the science of associating numbers with alphabets. It is often used to understand a person’s personality and his/her traits. It assesses the significance and relevance of numbers in an individual’s life.

Numerology can be done in a number of ways; calculating your birthday number to analyze the effects of your actions in your life, heart number to analyze what your dreams and desires are, maturity number which calculates your ambitions and aspirations in life etc.  In this manner, numerology can help you become more conscious of the occupation and career choices you should make in order to live a balanced and harmonious life.

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The truth about numerology is that it can help you gain deeper insights into your personality so that you become more aware about your life path and career choices. Even though numerology focuses on analyzing the influence of numbers in a person’s life, it is not devoid of the impact of the celestial bodies. In fact, all numerology numbers are governed by a star or planet. These stars and planets have a major influence on the traits, emotions, financial success, health, and relationships of the ruling numbers. Numerology number can also help assess your romantic compatibility with your partner.

A very important numerology number is your Life Path number, which is calculated by adding the numbers of your birth date till you get a single digit. The Life Path numerology number indicates your life’s purpose, and what challenges and opportunities you might encounter. Your Life Path numerology number consists of the blueprint to your life, and the various aspects in it. For example, a numerology number 1 indicates A Leader, a numerology number 6 indicates A Nurturer, numerology number 7 indicates A Seeker and so on.

Name numerology has recently gained a lot of popularity. It refers to the significance given to the letters and vowels in your name and how these alphabets can affect your personality traits, your energy, and even your success in life. One can find many such people, who have added or removed one or two letters from their names and seen the wonderful change it brought to their life.

Numerology readings help you become more aware of your prowess and abilities, and, hence, help you make the most out of the opportunities that come your way. Since your numerology number can also reveal your weak points, you can improve upon these and become more efficient. Numerology number can make you conscious of your inner-self and help gain insights about your desires and ambitions.

Calculating the numerology number makes it more objective and the numerology readings get more reliability. Odd numerology numbers are ‘masculine’ i.e. active, creative, ambitious, while even numbers are ‘feminine’ i.e. passive, receptive, yielding and warm.

Thus, your various numerology numbers play a significant and vital role in your life. Your numerology can help you become aware of various areas in your life, be it your own personality, your relationships, or even your successes or obstacles in life.


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