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The Moon`s impact on Men

The Moon`s impact on Men

The moon has always fascinated us, as it has been part of our culture, religion and literature since time immemorial.  It is also the closest celestial force and has its own impact on the Earth and its beings. It influences and drives a number of natural phenomenon that occur on earth, such as the ocean tide and the changing seasons are not only due to the sun.

As we are well aware of the moon’s gravitational effect on oceans and seas, it is not difficult for us to conceive the effects of moon on the human body since it is also made up of 70% water. All heavenly bodies radiate certain frequencies. While most of them are too far away from the Earth to have any effect on men and women it’s the moon that is the closest to us and is found to be the most influential celestial body according to Vedic astrology. However it’s generalized effects varies for men and women mostly due to their anatomical and mental differences. 

The astroYogi team explains how the waxing and waning of the moon, shows some apparent changes in men and some obscure ones. Similiarly, it has a distinct impact on women. While the strong influence of the full moon has been studied in detail, on tides and magnetic forces, its effect on the psyche of man is still debatable. The full moon does have an effect on men’s sleeping patterns. Studies have shown that many humans tend to sleep less on full moon nights. Although women are said to be more hormonal and men more logical, it is seen that some men show apathetic and emotional behavior during a full moon, they also get prone to irrational rage and experience bloating. These symptoms are similar to what many women experience just before their periods or during it. So, the moon’s cycle may also be responsible for men having a mood swing every month, similar to a woman having her monthly periods. The effect can be in the form of lack of energy, anger, irritability and heightened or lessened sex drive.

Contrary to popular belief that a higher the level of male sex hormone- testosterone makes a man aggressive and violent it is  the low levels of the hormone that make him disgruntled, hot-headed and wild. And the full moon is guilty of making the level of hormone plunge. This is what leads to the mood swing resulting in depression and withdrawal. Men are known to become more aggressive before and after a full moon. This is not just an assumption but has been clinically proven by medically examining the bodily fluids of men during the moons cycle. It was observed that male hormone levels rise and fall in the 30 day moon cycle. Men show variable behavior between the New moon and Full moon day.

On the New moon day, the ‘Rajasik’( mind filled with hatred, pride, arrogance, want of faith) and ‘Tamasik’(quarrelsome, insincere, fault finding) frequencies are activated more while on Full moon day, they are reduced. Instead, a heightened activity of the mind is observed on Full moon day. For e.g. if a person is alcoholic, he will want to drink more alcohol when the moon is full. (It’s no wonder that we have beautiful literature about the full moon). 

Clearly the moon is responsible for influencing much of our emotional and mental state of mind as do external circumstances.  It is this very influence that astrologers are able to study, and know why you are feeling and behaving as you do, if no other external circumstances are impacting you.  Similiarly impacting your relationships with others.  Astrologers are able to co-relate the influence based on other parameters of place and time, and position of other planets and can be a helpful guide and friend, in telling you how you should move forward at this time in your life.

Talk to one of astroYogi’s verified astrologers today, and get insight and knowledge you never understood before.  We offer a free first consultation to our first time users.  

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