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Steve Jobs – Astro Revelations

Steve Jobs – Astro Revelations

In cancer, analysis of native clash between transiting Chiron & natal Uranus plays a very important role. While clashing, if transiting Chiron changes its motion as direct – retrograde – direct then the time it is clashing with Uranus is of longer duration. This type of LONG clash leads to damage. In such clashes the maximum damage takes place when the planet is in “stationary” position. The readers should remember the analogy of a moving car. Suppose a car is moving in one direction – we will call it as in direct motion. Now if it has to move backwards ( retrograde ) then first it has to stop. This stop position of the car is like the “stationary” position of a planet. The car will move in reverse direction after achieving zero motion. Then its movement in opposite direction is like a planet moving in “retrograde” position. The car will move backwards then it will stop & will again move in forward direction. Similarly moving planet keeps on changing its motion from direct to retrograde to direct again. While doing so it has two stationary positions. The more the time it spends in stationary mode & making clash, worst are the expected results.

In above chart we can see transiting Chiron (represents native’s immune power ) is in Pisces at 1.2 degrees but in retrograde position. This means it was earlier in direct motion. This caused a lot of severe damage to Mr.Steve Jobs. Transiting Chiron is making 150 degrees angle called “ shadashtak yoga” with Steve’s natal Uranus. I request readers to remember basic properties associated with planets- Uranus = fame = recognition = news = change. While Chiron = immune power = fighting power against death . To understand this please check mythological story associated with Chiron.

This clash brought“news” to the world but a bad one as clash was involved. Had it been a pure link or say “ labha yoga” or “ napancham yoga” it would have been good news.

Any ways let us go back in history – in 2004 and check why at that time Steve was detected with cancer. Please check the circular chart in 2004.

In 2004 the transiting Chiron was in Capricorn. We could see again it is in “retrograde” position. This means he was clashing with natal Uranus & Vesta for a long time. This long duration clash creates more damage. Vesta = Peace of mind. Naturally Steve must have lost his peace of mind because of cancer detection. Transiting Chiron makes “ prati yoga” 180 degrees angle with natal Uranus while it is making inauspicious 150 degree angle “shadashtak yoga” with natal Vesta. Again I request readers to read mythological story behind planet name Vesta. This is an asteroid.

Chiron takes 50.54 years to make one round of 12 zodiac signs. This means roughly for 4.21 years it is in one zodiac sign. This period varies as per its direct to retrograde to direct motion movement. This tells us that Steve could have faced death clash in 2004 + 4.21 years = 2008 -2009. He was lucky enough to have more travel of Chiron through Aquarius sign. Hence it took 7 years from detection to death. This is the reason why cancer patients die after a span of 4 to 7 years post detection.

Chiron and Uranus clash means native getting sudden changes occurring in his body structure. To control this “radiation” is required. Clash = lack of a particular energy. Uranus indicates that chemotherapy is the only answer to this problem.

Astrology is the ONLY solution to pre-detect such dangerous diseases. The earlier we know about it , we can take best medical help & extend life span. Hence, I believe science & astrology should go together.

Author: Dr.Avinash Deshpande
Celebrity Astrologer


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