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Staying positive through a transitionary phase in life

Staying positive through a transitionary phase in life

Life is never the same for everyone all the time. You could have all the wealth in the world and yet not be happy. The other side of the grass always appears green to all. Nobody is happy forever unless he has managed to attain ‘Nirvana’. Before you envy others and pass comments, simply try and walk in their shoes to experience what he has gone through in life.

While all of us go through upsetting circumstances time and again, these phases pass and the sun appears bright in our horizon again. These stages are always transitory. Even the happy ones will not last forever. We must learn to accept that and try and remain positive in troubled circumstances. The focus should be on making the best of trying periods and reminding ourselves that these too shall ebb.

The question is, why do all of us go through ups and downs in life and who writes our fates for us?

Astrology believes that when a person is born, the position of every planet, including the Sun and Moon, the birth time, place of birth, all are represented in his natal chart in the various houses of astrology.  Each planet represents a specific energy and has a specific function in the birth chart. These planets are always moving and their effect on the native is influenced by the sign they occupy.

Thus, the action and configuration of the various planets, as they move from one house to another in the birth chart, influences the biological, physical, mental and emotional state of the individual and has either positive or negative effect on him and the circumstances affecting him.

When the planets are placed in such a manner that they have a malefic effect on the native, he could go through a tough phase in his life. Similarly, the benefic nature of a planet, its position, its conjunction with a friendly planet, placed in a correct house, etc, can turn your life around completely for the native, blessing him with the best.

For example, a positive Moon indicates joy and enthusiasm in the native’s life while an afflicted Moon will cause tension, depression and a low morale. Similarly, a favourably placed Sun will bring fame and power to the native while its adverse placement will make the native arrogant and emotionally unstable.

But, the planets move from their position and so will the native’s destiny. Thus, it is important to remember that different phases of life are transitory and just as good may give way to bad, so will bad be nudged out by a good phase. Our fate is influenced by the celestial objects over which you have no control. You can only control your own reaction to the circumstance you are in and thus, it is important to not get fazed during bad moments.

During the low chapter of one’s life, remedies can be adopted to calm the malefic planets so that their negative effects can be reduced and life can move smoothly.

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