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Shruti Haasan Is Stunning And Flamboyant, After All She Is An Aquarian

Shruti Haasan Is Stunning And Flamboyant, After All She Is An Aquarian

Born on 28 January 1986, actress, singer, and daughter of pretty Sarika and talented Kamal Haasan, the stunning looking Shruti Haasan, exhibits the typical traits of an Aquarian.

This intelligent Aquarian has graduated in Psychology and then continued higher studies to learn music in California. The multi-faceted diva is fluent in eight different languages and has been writing scripts since the age of 14. Like a typical Aquarian, she has the capacity to think out of the box.

In spite of having a turbulent teen, because of her parent's divorce, Shruti is a stable girl. She had an excellent rapport with her father as a child because he allowed her to make her mistakes and take her own decisions, which is very important for an Aquarian child’s mental growth. Now that she is an adult, he is her best friend. After sorting out her grievances with her mother, the smart, broad-minded Aquarius, Shruti, spends quality time with both her parents.

Shruti never wanted to capitalize on her parent's name and even when in school, used the name, Pooja Ramachandran, to escape being treated as the daughter of a famous actor.The Aquarian trait in her makes her fiercely independent financially and Shruti says that in spite of coming from an affluent family, she gets the most satisfaction from her own earnings.

Shruti also made herself emotionally independent and sorted out her family issues herself.

Aquarians are one of the most talented people in the world and Shruti Haasan has been breathing, understanding and living art with her creatively talented parents, from her childhood. Quoting Shruti,”I am a creative person. There’s no other word that can define me better’.She sang her first song aged six for her father's film and since then has moved on to compose, write and sing many more. She is also a trained ‘Kuchipudi’ dancer.

Like a typical Aquarian, Shruti claims that the best part of her job is being busy travelling and meeting new people. The air sign sure likes to flow.

Shruti, as an Aquarian has a number of negative traits too, like all other Zodiac signs.

Being an air sign, Aquarian Shruti can be unpredictable.She hates monotony and following a predictable path. To keep herself from getting bored easily, she keeps herself occupied by honing her talents. Shruti says she learned to work hard from her parents and drives herself to do better and achieve more. There is no middle path for this spunky girl and she prefers going all the way to perfect herself.

Shruti likes to keep herself detached from the thought of settling down, not particularly liking the institution of marriage. Like a classic Aquarian, she too is scared of losing her freedom. Shruti claims that marriage is a full-time job and in today's time; difficult to keep it happy. She is not shy about her various relationships with the married and the ‘much married’, the ‘lesbian touch’ and the leaked videos of her revealing photos.

She may give an appearance of aloofness but is actually a fun loving bubbly girl.

Kamal Haasan relates Shruti’s  Aquarian ‘stubborn streak’ and her ‘not taking rubbish from anyone’ attitude to his elder brother and father.

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