Salman Khan - Astro Analysis of the Mega Star

One of the most eligible bachelors in the Bollywood industry, inspite of being on the wrong side of 50, Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan, aka Sallu bhai, has to his credit a very well maintained body, a very successful career, a beautiful heart and a fan-following of millions. Add to this, him being associated with one of the most influential families of Bollywood, he has girls swooning all the way for him.

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Born on 27 December, Salman is a Capricorn. An Earth sign, Salman is practical, grounded and dependable. Ruled by Saturn, this planet makes this Goat authoritarian by nature. The way he carries himself and the demeanour he displays, gives him an edge over the other actors his age.

A Capricorn is down-to-earth, and prefers being real. Inspite of being from a filmy family, Salman struggled initially, to maintain his foothold in the industry. But in return, he is known to have introduced, launched and boosted the careers of many actors.

Capricorns are ambitious and Salman was enamoured by the film industry as his father, Salim Khan, was one of the pioneers of modern scriptwriting. Salman dropped out of college to pursue his dream of making it big in the industry. The Goat’s determination to work hard to make it to the top, started from him becoming an assistant director and even a script writer before he started out with a supporting role in a film. But that is how a practical Capricorn functions. Learning the nuances first! 

Fundamentally Capricorns are shy people and we have never seen Salman lock lips on the silver screen. The goats are poker faced and display a disciplined facade. This serves to enhance the macho look for Salman.

A Capricorn believes in true love and is a devoted partner. Salman has had quite a few romantic alliances with divas of the film industry. His relationship with Aishwarya Rai is well-known, where his ‘devotion’ turned to obsession which unfortunately, led to a tragic end to their love saga.

As expected, all is not rosy even with a Capricorn. They too, like the other zodiac signs, have their negative side. One major negative point is that a Capricorn can sometimes be greedy and materialistic. Salman, at one stage, wanted more and more and more of films.

The typical Capricorn can be quite stubborn and Salman is no exception. His close friends claim it becomes very difficult to make him see reason many times.

According to the stars, the second half of the year could prove lucky and fortunate for the Capricorns as Saturn and Uranus will meet in a harmonious setting. With his last film, Race 3, released in June 2018, getting negative reviews by the critics, his fans are waiting anxiously for the release of his upcoming film, Bharat, around the mid-year in 2019.

2019 also spells good for a Capricorn’s love life and specially those looking for their soul mates. There are mixed rumours about ‘Bhai’ dating Romanian TV presenter, Lulia Vantur and getting back with Katrina Kaif. He may make his choice clear by mid-year 2019. Capricorns are workaholic and this may not give Salman enough time for his ‘escapades’ by the year end.

A Capricorn needs to watch out for his health in 2019 as they may suffer from stomach ailments. Salman suffers from a facial nerve problem and stars suggest relaxation for him to overcome this problem in 2019. #GPSforLife


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