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Ponting's bat does the talking

Ponting's bat does the talking

So, all those who have been calling for Ricky Ponting's retirement from international cricket, can shut their mouths for some time. He has finally let his bat do the talking. In reply to those who are trying to write him off, Ponting cracked a fantastic 134 in the second Test match against India at Sydney Cricket Ground, thus ending a Test century drought of two years.

The past two years have been really tough for this Tasmanian as his batting forms declined. His last century came in January 2010 when he scored a superb 209 against Pakistan in Hobart. He gave up the captaincy after Australia's quarterfinal exit from the 2011 World Cup. However, Ponting aka Punter was confident that he will bounce back and perform well for Australia. With superb fielding and batting techniques, this 37-year-old batsman has been a key player for the side winning several matches.

He is the third highest run-getter in Tests, only Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar are ahead of him. He has registered 40 Test tons so far. He led Australia in 77 Tests, winning 48 and as ODI captain; he also has a splendid record, winning 164 out of 228 ODIs, including two World Cups in 2003 and 2007.

Know more about this legendary cricketer astrologically.
Born on December 19, 1974, Ponting belongs to the sun sign Sagittarius with 1 as his ruling number. This number is governed by the Sun and its influence makes him highly original, active, energetic, motivated, artistic and brilliant. Born on the 19th of the month, he has a systematic and methodical mind and is very good at managing work. There's no doubt he's a good captain. He makes quick decisions and always keeps very busy. He is very observant and notices even the most trivial things. His experiences enhance his wisdom.

The year 2012 will be a good year for Ponting and he already has proved it just on the onset of the New Year. He will play some fine knocks in the upcoming Test series including the ongoing series against India. As for retirement, he will do so when he thinks it's time before he's shown the door by Cricket Australia. But for the time being, he will concentrate more on his cricket than his age.


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