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Movie Review: Race 2 - Will it reach the finish line?

Movie Review: Race 2 - Will it reach the finish line?

Brimming with sensual glamour, chic style, heart-throbbing music, high-flying action, breath-taking locales, superb drama and starring the bold and the beautiful of Mumbai's tinsel town - Abbas-Mustan's Race 2 seemed to have got all the ingredients right for an out and out Bollywood blockbuster. But despite all the right ingredients, a superb plot and an equally amazing build-up, the film fails to live upto the expectations of the first half in the later stages of the movie. So, what is it that prevented this chic film from reaching the finish line? Let's try and find out the answer to it the astro way.

In Race 2, Saif Ali Khan embodies Ranveer Singh, plotting the revenge of his girlfriend, Sonia,s murder. In doing so, he gets involved in gambling, illegitimate deals and crime. He is also seen romancing the amazingly hot Deepika Padukone and the sultry seductress Jacqueline Fernandez. Saif evidently carries the weight of the film all by himself and outshines everyone with his spirited performance. Being a Leo, his horoscope indicates towards an aggressive start and accomplishments on the career front this year. The lion, after lying low in the dark for some time, is now ready to get unleashed like never before, and Saif has proved the same in style by playing the kingpin in the film, reciting the most impactful dialogues in the film, and flaunting his newly acquired six-packs. 

Deepika Padukone is seen playing the character of Elena, John Abraham's step - sister in the movie. After her spectacular performance in Cocktail, her character in the movie was sheer disappointment. Her character, though sexy and glamorous, lacks depth and substance. Her Capricorn horoscope predicted it accurately. The first quarter of the year may not be rewarding for her. The year 2013 is expected to throw new challenges at her. Though she couldn't run the race well, the only word of advice we have for her for the rest of the year is to relax and go with the flow.

Playing the enigmatic character of Armaan Malik, John Abraham failed to give a memorable performance. Being a Sagittarius, John diligently tries to give his best to the character but this time falls short in his attempt. 2013 brings in both positive and negative light on his professional career. While on one hand, he will continue to taste fame and success, on the other his hard work may not pay the desired results; a fact that Race 2 clearly reiterates. 

Former Miss Sri Lanka Universe, Jacqueline Fernandez plays the role of Omisha, Armaan's girlfriend. Although, she left the audience dazzled and asking for more with the dance number 'lat lag gayi', her acting skills missed the mark. Her Gemini horoscope indicates towards dissatisfaction with work. Her career is expected to take a boost in the second quarter of 2013. Lots of opportunities may come her way with producers lining up to sign her for their films. A piece of advice for the sultry lass - trust your instincts when it comes to your career.

Anil Kapoor as Robert D'Costa and Ameesha Patel as Cherry also featured in the film in not so pivotal roles and did an average job. The music by Pritam is also not something to write home about and one would remember the songs as long as the film runs on the theatres. The action sequences in the film are shot quite brilliantly in some of the most stunning locations across the globe and the film features some swanky cars from Audi. 

Overall, Race 2 is a good film that builds quite brilliantly in the first half but fails to live up to the high expectations in the second half and falls flat in the final stages of the film. It does, however, manage to pump a few heartbeats with some thumping dance numbers and breath-taking action sequences involving some of the most expensive cars and bikes in the world but failed to mesmerise the audience and leave them in awe at the end. Although Saif Ali Khan stands tall with his sterling performance, the film fails miserably towards the end to live up to the notion of the adrenaline thumping thriller it promised to be, maybe due to the overdose of action and a flawed script. Well the stars said it all, didn't they?


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