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Movie Prediction: Dabangg

Movie Prediction: Dabangg

A great combination of Capricorn and Gemini is indicated to prove highly profitable for Salman Khan's latest movie release, Dabangg. The story revolves around a fearless cop and the tribulations that he undergoes along with his lady love. This time the essence of this character has been captured by the stylish actor, Salman Khan.

The movie is releasing today and will likely be a big hit at the box office. The Movie is filled with numerous action scenes which will surely impress the audience. Salman's track record at the box office has been high hitting every time he has played a cop. Without a doubt, luck will be on his side. This is a great time, not only for Salman, but also for the newcomer Sonakshi Sinha, who is making her debut appearance with Dabangg reveals how they make a great match:- 

Movie name: - Dabangg. 

Release Date:-10th of September. 

Producer: - Arbaaz Khan. 

Director: - Abhinav Kashyap. 

Lead actor’s name, zodiac, element and date of birth: - Salman khan, Capricorn, Earth, 27 December, 1965

Lead actress’s name, zodiac, element and date of birth: - Sonakshi sinha, Gemini, Air , 2nd June, 1987. 

Total compatibility: - The combination of Earth and air will change their luck and the movie will be a great success!


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