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Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer

After a relatively strenuous stay in Gemini, Jupiter has now entered the nurturing sign of Cancer and will remain here till July 2014. The focus will be on emotional growth and connecting with our higher self. Cancer promotes understanding of human emotions and helps us become more receptive to others. This will help forge strong bonds with those close to us and move forward in life, not ahead of others but along with them, as the transit is all about mutual respect and understanding.

Although, the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are likely to benefit the most from the transit but all signs stand to gain a lot from it as well. Here’s how the transit will affect the different signs of the zodiac.


Jupiter confers a bounty of intense energy on you Aries. Now is the time to expand your horizons; the time to prove your mettle to the world has come. Relationships will be strengthened and damaged emotional ties renewed. It is this emotional security that acts as the impetus that empowers you to achieve your goals. Positive changes will be seen in your family life as well.


Jupiter showers its blessings on you in the form of better relationships with your peers. And, who knows, a newly made acquaintance might bring an important opportunity your way. Your social life gets a boost. Friends and family suddenly become more important to you and you try your best to make this bond stronger.


After spending the past year in your sign, Gemini, Jupiter moves into Cancer and you should see it as a good sign. Your finances will be soaring high. This upward spiral can be owed to the blessings of the benevolent Jupiter. But you would need to quell the temptation of overspending in order to make this new money stay.


So which sign benefits the most from the transit? It is your sign Cancer. You couldn’t be happier than now, congratulations! However, there is so much happening on so many fronts that you might find it a little too much to handle. Opportunities pour in from all directions. Your health and finances will improve, a new religion or philosophy might catch your fancy, and you might even go for an image makeover-you sure have your hands full!


For you Leo, Jupiter in Cancer is a time when many shocking secrets will surface. However, it cannot be said whether these secrets will affect your life in a positive or negative way. On the upside, you will learn that doubting your abilities can never lead you to success. Someone hitherto unknown to you might present you a huge opportunity.


You become active on the social front and find joy in networking with new people. Your new friendships could greatly affect your outlook on life. Your heart goes out to the needy and downtrodden. To this end, you participate in activities that are for the betterment of the society. Short trips and excursions with friends and family are also indicated.


Jupiter multiplies your charm quotient and helps you win over quite a few important persons who may help you climb to the top of the professional ladder. A new job will help you further your career and also bring monetary benefits. Travelling for work is also indicated.


Jupiter in Cancer provides you with opportunities for education and travel. Those of you who have been looking to expand your career are likely to find the means in the form of a new degree or course, as education assumes an important role in your life. For the last few months, you had been burdened with a heavy load of work and responsibility but now some of the burden would be relieved.


Your big dreams for the future get even bigger. But the good news is that with the blessings of Jupiter on your side, there is nothing that you can’t achieve. A little hard work and trust in your abilities is all that you need and of course you have luck with you. Getting loans from banks won’t be a problem now.


You are indicated to meet new people. They might help you further your career or become your guide. A new romantic relationship is also on the cards. This new relationship will help you grow as a person and be the source of joy and happiness in your life.


With Jupiter in Cancer, there are a lot of good things happening for you. If you are facing health problems, you will find that your health improves. Positive developments in your professional life are also indicated.


Jupiter hones your creative skills, so if you are in a profession where you can put your creativity to good use, this could be the year of a lot of positive changes for you. Trying for a baby? Well, with Jupiter in Cancer, you might just get some good news.


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