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How Will 2016 Unfold For India?

How Will 2016 Unfold For India?

As the new year dawns, one question that has been on everyone’s mind is how will the year unfold, what’s in store for them individually and the country as a whole? After all, our country is at that juncture where it is trying to strengthen all its position both internationally as well as strategically. The point is would all this effort eventually pay off? Would the planetary positions abet India’s endeavours and would this year turn favourable and help in bringing a fresh glow to India’s fortune? Let us find out.

Based on the time India attained freedom, the ‘Chandra Rashi’ or the Moon Sign for our country is ‘Karka’ or Cancer. While the Moon has its predominance in certain areas, the king of Planets, ‘Shani’ or Saturn too exerts its power depending on the overall planetary positions. If you see the current charts and examine the exact planetary movements, you will be surprised to know that India is experiencing that crucial phase where the country is experiencing Chandra Mahadasha or Moon Mahadasha. The Moon is perceived to be a supreme planet with immense purity and trueness besides which it expresses the divinity and wisdom. This Mahadasha indicates that the positioning is currently in favour of India’s fate. Time is absolutely ripe for India to attain excellence and brilliance in several creative fields as well as many areas of strategic importance that can surely help strengthen India’s position globally. Given the supreme position that the Moon occupies and the strong impact it can exert at the moment, it is just the right time to execute long-term plans undertaken with the goal to bring in sustainable gains for the country. For example, given the strength exhibited by the planetary charts, India could perhaps seal its place in the UN Security Council if it works constructively towards that goal this year.

As per numerological predictions and analysis, the favourable number for our country this year is decidedly number 9 and India can derive untold gain from this positioning. Number 9’s predominance indicates a favourable positioning of the Mars as well. If this energy from Mars is routed appropriately, it is hard to contain India’s success in the near future. The country is set to progress by leaps and bounds and bring in a wave of social, economic and geographical success. So be it the ‘Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan’ or ‘Digital India’ or ‘Skill India’, all these initiatives are set to achieve decided success and broad acceptance worldwide. Even long pending legislation like the GST could finally see the light of the day.

The Moon’s strength is also considered to be a phase which sees the rise of women power and this could be a marquee year in India’s fate which see a new wave of Women Empowerment and emancipation and initiatives aimed at their betterment could see a lot more progress be it in areas of education, technology, games, business or any other.

However, there is some area of concern. While the predominance of Moon both in India’s and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fate is seen as a big positive, the impact of Rahu and Kaal Sarp Dosh on the country could result in some conflict, internal disturbances and natural disasters. But all in all there isn’t too much to worry.

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