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How Star-Crossed Lovers Can Have a ‘Happily Ever After`

How Star-Crossed Lovers Can Have a ‘Happily Ever After`

You are a Taurus in love with a Scorpio. This simply states you are irrevocably in love with an astrological mismatch and you fear about the future for the two of you. Incompatible in the astrological sense may seem like the end of a love relationship. But hold on, because your celestial compatibility is less doesn’t necessarily mean you are cursed and trapped in a relationship which is meant to fail anyway. 

That’s not always the scenario, you need not give up on someone you love but yes, you may have to give in the extra effort to make your relationship work and last. Don’t just let astrological incompatibility seal the fate of your relationship. Muster the courage and fight all odds with these simple tips.

Dig on the positive vibrations: Always hope for the best even in tough and trying times. When you hope and work for the best, you will always be rewarded with the best. It is recommended to wait until Mercury moves into Moon or is direct in Venus before you pop the big question to your loved one. The only hardship you will face in your relationship is to have as many planets in your favor especially if you have a lot of dissimilarities. The position of the Moon is very important in your relationship, important decisions or any discussion should be done only by keeping a close watch on the position of the Moon else it may lead to failure of the relationship

Maximize your strengths: Even though you may not be astrologically compatible enough, every couple sure has their set of strengths. Learn the art of compromise for example if one both of you are Earth signs. You should definitely know when the two of you are heading towards a difference of opinion which will later lead to squabbles. Avoid the unnecessary drama if both of you are Water signs. Use all your power and imagination to turn your negative side into a positive one for your loved one.

Love can move mountains: The perfect marriage of love and faith is all you need to overcome the odds of an astrologically incompatible relationship. No relationship is perfect and understands that every relationship needs some level of compromise and of course you need to be forgiving. You learn from your mistakes and experiences. It is absolutely not necessary that you will be content with someone with a compatible sign. It never works this way, the best medicine is to shrug off the little differences you have and focus on the love you two share for each other.

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