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Haseena Parkar: How Lucky Will The Movie Turn Out For Shraddha Kapoor

Haseena Parkar: How Lucky Will The Movie Turn Out For Shraddha Kapoor

Haseena Parker’ is a biopic crime film produced by Nahid Khan and directed by Apoorva Lakhia. It is based on the life story of the mafia queen, Haseena Parker, sister of the dreaded terrorist, Dawood Ibrahim.

While many Bollywood movies have had characters ‘ape-ing’ the gangster Dawood Ibrahim, this is the first movie on his sister, who was wife to the equally dreaded, mobster, Ismail Parker. Haseena stepped into the crime world after Ismail was shot down by the famed Arun Gawli’s gang in 1991 and soon became the ‘Queen of underworld Mumbai’.

Shraddha Kapoor plays the role of Haseena and Siddhanth Kapoor, of Dawood. It would really be interesting to watch the ‘real life’ brother-sister duo enact ‘reel life’ siblings on the silver screen.

While many recent gangster biopics, like ‘Daddy’ based on Arun Gawli’s life, failed to make an impact on the audience, Dawood has always fascinated people and their imagination. With Haseena, Apoorva will be taking the audience into some of the hitherto private life of the gangsters family. Shraddha has done her home work well and even did the necessary make over to get into Haseena’s skin. She put on almost 8-9 kilos to look authentic, studied about pregnancy and has tried to look as fierce as her character demands.

The film is based on Haseena’s entire life and so Shraddha has to enact the role of a newly married to being a mother of four. Will she be able to carry the movie on her shoulders?

Shraddha is 3rd March born and is a Pisces. For Pisces the year 2017 spelt many ups and downs and Jupiter would bring in luck, late in the year. Overall, the year is supposed to be good for the career of the committed Pisces and is also a year that would give them a lucky break. And Shraddha Kapoor needs this lucky break in her career. Her last movie,’Half Girlfriend’, released in the middle of this year, scored an average with the audience. Shraddha, meanwhile, has shown full commitment to her role in ‘Haseena Parker’, which can be easily seen in the promos of the movie. features the best Vedic astrologer in India for online consultation. Learn more about your destiny and luck from these experts.

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Looking at the career prospects for Cancer, Siddhanth kapoor, born on 6 July, should also be getting accolades for his role in the movie. 2017 assures better career, money and work opportunities to the Cancer and with hard work, the second half of the year promises to be fruitful. Siddhanth too, has worked hard to be at par with his sister and put on almost 9 kgs, sporting the intense look of Dawood to portray an authentic character of the Don.

The movie that was to be released on 18 August 2017, has been postponed to 22 September and the audience is waiting with bated breath to watch this sibling duo on the silver screen. It’s also Apoorva’s first gangster film after the much acclaimed “Shootout at Lokhandwala” and by the looks of it, would keep the cash register ringing.

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