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Everything is not fair in Love and war

Everything is not fair in Love and war

While most of our lives may revolve around working to establish a great career….. and then working some more; it takes an equal amount of passion to work to maintain successful relationships.

With the burgeoning number of breakups, divorces and separation rates going through the roof these days, the serious impact of such fallouts has increased the likelihood and susceptibility to mental stress and various other disorders.

Not everyone can handle or deal with a break up in a healthy manner. Many may even develop depression. In spite of that, couples nowadays do not understand the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship. They fail to realize the impact of a broken relationship can have on all other aspects of their life. Today, factors like egos and ‘non-compromise’ are causing havoc in people’s lives. Also, the fact that people do not like interference and counselling from elders in the family. Lack of family support has escalated the problem even more.

For those of you who believe in the saying, “All’s fair in love and war”… think again. This age-old adage is acceptable to a certain extent, beyond which, it simply causes a rift in relationships; whether they are personal or between countries. A rift so bad; that may not heal in a lifetime.

While certain tactics and military strategies are essential to the conduct of warfare, they do follow certain rules of ‘not hitting below the belt’. The same applies to love.

The learned scholars of yesteryears have seemed to be able to foresee the problems that could surface in relationships, with the passing of time. And keeping those important factors in mind, they had suggested that alliances work best for long periods if they have compatibility on certain fronts.

The Hindu Vedic Astrology suggests that before tying the knot, a couple should check their ‘Kundli’ for compatibility to avoid ending up in a separation. The position of the moon in the couple’s horoscope decides on the ‘Gunas’ that match between the two. The higher the number of matching ‘Gunas’ between the two, the better will be the compatibility. Life would then move smoothly for the two, without any bickering and unnecessary tiffs. They would settle their differences (There will be differences as every human has his own viewpoint about any matter) by mutual concessions and reach an agreement by adjustment.

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The easy part of any relationship is finding the partner. The tough part is, keeping the love alive till the very end. For a relationship to be smooth, it’s not fair to expect only one partner to compromise always. Give what you want to get in return from your partner. If your personalities complement each other, the partnership will be fulfilling. The sincere effort one puts in understanding one’s partner, the tolerance power exercised, all go a long way in converting the “Not fair in love” to “Fair in love”! 

Deploying silly tactics to show ‘upmanship’ in a relation, only ends up in ruining a healthy association and increase the rift between the two.

Traditionally Yours,



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