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Desi Boyz hits theatres

Desi Boyz hits theatres

Desi Boyz starring Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh hit theatres today and there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the movie. Will it be a hit like Dostana or will the hype die down soon? The movie has received mixed reviews but it is still likely to do relatively well because of Akshay-John’s comic chemistry. The audience loved them in Garam Masala and the same is likely to happen with Desi Boyz.

The music of Desi Boyz, especially the title track has been really popular with the young crowd but nothing can compensate for a weak storyline. There may be a couple of laughs in between but, overall, the movie may not be one of Akshay’s memorable flicks. Lately, he has not enjoyed the kind of success he had achieved during his Namaste London days.

Deepika and Chitrangada add the glam factor in the movie and both these ladies manage to look super attractive. But, they will fail to make much of an impact.

Astrologically, the year 2011 is likely to remain an average year of Akshay and Deepika, and success may elude them. Things are likely to change in the year 2012. Their projects will fare well and they will be in the news again.

Here’s what Sanjay B Jumaani, renowned Numerologist had to predict for Akshay and Desi Boyz.

Even if I don't patronize David Dhawan type of films, Desi Boyz shall do better than the critics’ expectations.

No 9 Akshay Kumar will swing back to form as he's in his 45th (9) year as predicted on his Birthday on 9/09...Remember No 9 Salman {as predicted} got a fresh lease in his 45th {9} year with Dabangg & Bigg Boss last year?

Desi Boyz adds to No 3, good for Akshay & John.


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