Chocolate Day - The Third Day of the Valentine Week

Chocolate Day - The Third Day of the Valentine Week

The third day in the Valentine week is the Chocolate Day and that falls on February 9th. As the name suggests, on this day chocolates are given to the loved ones as a gesture of expressing love.

Shops and bakeries overflow on Chocolate day with assorted chocolates and you can choose from a humble wrapped chocolate to exotic boxes of chocolates. You can choose from the whole-sale machine manufactured ones to the hand crafted fancy ones - the choice is yours. Add a beautifully written message that expresses your innermost for your loved one and as you hand it lovingly over, you will see your effort has been totally worthwhile. Chocolates are seen to have a huge emotional and psychological effect on people. Place one from the box in her/his mouth and see how their expression changes when they feel the smooth, silky richness of the chocolate as it melts in their mouth. You can now sit back to enjoy the rest of the day! 

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For those of you who are unfortunately not in the same city as your beloved, do remember to courier a box of chocolates to your loved one. For the millennial, who love their drinks, there is a wide range of liquor chocolates to choose from. For those who want to take their valentine out for dinner, you can order a chocolate cake with a centre of warm liquid chocolate for dessert and watch how your loved one will melt in your arms after that.

There are several reasons why chocolates make the perfect gift for your valentine. Other than the basic reason that almost everyone loves chocolates and so you really can’t go wrong there; these melt-in-the-mouth pieces of cocoa and sugar are considered to be one of the best aphrodisiacs.

Chocolates are known to increase energy levels in a person and it is seen that in the process, it also elevates ‘certain’ moods. This is why the royalty(who were the only ones to afford this luxury in the olden times) would present chocolates to those who caught their fancy. Today, there are all types of chocolates available in a wide range of pricing, from which you can choose according to your pocket. And fortunately, the message sent across to the loved one will still be the same.

Just like chocolates can be sweet and bitter at the same time, so can love. So, those who are having a tough time with their loved one, today is the day to make sure you make up. Remember, there is no ego in love or it is not true love. In case, you are still apprehensive about going ahead, consult an astrologer or a tarot reader on Astroyogi, who could help you make the right decision. Do read the article on what your zodiac sign has to say if you are single on Valentine’s Day, the link of which is given below.

Having said that, remember that there is no feud that cannot be solved with a lovely box of chocolates.

Astroyogi wishes everyone a happy Chocolate Day.

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