astroYogi: The king of all planets and its effect on our lives!

astroYogi: The king of all planets and its effect on our lives!

Sun is regarded as King of planets in Astrology. In Vedic astrology, it is considered to be a dry, masculine, positive and hot planet. Sun is personified as a Godly figure with arms and hairs of gold riding a chariot driven by a seven-headed horse in the Vedas. It spends a month in each zodiac sign and takes 365 days to transit through all the Zodiacs. Sun is the soul of a being and is the adult and practical side of a person, while Moon brings out the past and emotional side of someone, Sun encourages them to stay in the present, being practical and rational. astroYogi’s expert astrologers explain the effects of Sun on our horoscope:

According to astrological calculations, Sun takes 365 days to complete its revolution and transits through each of the zodiac sign. Its affects each house it transits to, in its course, while it is considered a boon in many cases, sometimes the Sun is fiery and can make some burn marks on our destiny.

Sun is strongest when it is in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius signs, it is weakest in Libra. Sun’s week impact would affect the health and wellbeing of a person. The adverse effect of Sun would make the person arrogant and jealous in nature. If you are on the wrong side of Sun other planets too, cannot have a positive effect on that person. The king of all planets rules over your heart, brain, head, eye, bones, chest, lungs and stomach, so illness due to the weakness of sun’s influence on your horoscope would pertain to these. Another adverse impact of Sun on a horoscope is the ‘Pitra Dosh’. If the Sun along with Rahu is present in the 9th house of someone’s birth chart, then there would be the malicious effect of ‘Pitra Dosh’ would influence that person’s life. The 9th house is important in a person’s birth chart as it is the ‘House of Fortune’ and is also known as the ‘House of Father’. ‘Pitra Dosh’ will hinder the career and personal life of the one’s who have it on their horoscope, but there are specific remedies for ‘Pitra Dosh’ which an expert astrologist could suggest. For an expert consultation click here.

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