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12 Reasons Why Women Do Not Like Men

12 Reasons Why Women Do Not Like Men

Nobody is born perfect. We all have flaws in us, for that's what makes us human! The benefit we have here is that we can always work on them and make them our strengths instead of weaknesses. So, what is it that men don't get when women run away from them? They simply don't get the point that they've obviously done something annoying. Why don't they get it? Because it's an innate trait! It's just there in them; it's their zodiac sign, since they were born. So let’s help men know a little about their not-so-cool part with a bit of information, coming from astrological facts! Let AstroYogi astrologers show you the path; after all, everybody deserves a second chance!


The Pushy and assertive nature of an Aries is one of their biggest turnoffs. A woman just hates such behaviour coming from a man. Women also find their self-centered, impulsive nature annoying.


The inability to adapt to change is something women just can't stand here. This inflexibility teamed up with stubbornness, makes it hard for women to adjust with this guy!


A Gemini men's superficiality can sooner or later be noticed and this is obviously going to make the ladies run. Women like originality, things coming spontaneously from the heart, that’s what sweeps them off their feet. Alas, Gemini men lack this quality.


Clingy and over emotional; the Cancer men just know how to drive away ladies! The crab has an annoying attitude of not letting things go. How will any woman cope up with that anyway? Their possessiveness is also out of proportion, quite often (Breathing space please!).


Leo men can be cold and selfish at times which is why women find it hard to have a cozy time with them.Women hate their insensitivity as well. They have the tendency to utter the most hurtful of things if angered. Now how cruel is that!


Virgo men tend to be a bit too fussy. Knowingly or unknowingly, they can suck the happiness out of a person, simply by fussing too much. Women find such behaviour intolerable and hence choose to take a different path if this trait is flaunted too much in front of her!


Libran men are quite indecisive and slow. Now a lady dating this guy will have to wait a little more than expected to get treated with a special movie and dinner night because her guy can't really conclude on where to take her! Women don’t really have that kind of patience anymore!


A very powerful sign, this guy can get a little out of proportion with his "power". The bossy, protective guy image which he maintains owing to his zodiac sign, suffocates women at time, after all, excess of everything is bad, isn't it?


The talkative Sagittarian's I-know-it-all attitude gets on the nerves of women. These men think they know a lot, which they do owing to their craving for knowledge, but that doesn't mean they'll go all overconfident about it, for the sea of knowledge is so vast, no one can ever know "everything"!


A Capricorn man throws his cold vibes which hit women, right in the heart. Women are more into affectionate and caring men, so when this Capricorn guy comes to her she can simply feel it wrong!


Women are very serious about commitment and these Aquarian men just don't get it! These guys have an issue with committing. They feel their freedom is being disturbed. Non-committal behavior coming from men is one of the major turn offs for women.


The Piscean escapist nature is highly annoying and makes them unreliable. These guys, instead of dealing with situations, tend to blame them here and there and just rush out of the scene before you know it! Women prefer maintaining a fine distance from such men.


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