Astrology along with Law of Attraction can Work Wonders

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Astrology along with Law of Attraction can Work Wonders

Rhonda Byrne's Secret was a sensation when it was launched in 2006 and millions across the globe have been following the ideology ever since. Over 19 million copies of the book were sold worldwide and it was translated into 46 languages. The concept or ideology advocated by the author was found very relevant in their daily life by readers. The crux of the book – an ideology named ‘The law of attraction’ says that you attract whatever you think about into your life, be it positive or negative. The author also explains an ongoing subconscious level communication happening all throughout one’s life with the universe. So whatever one have in life is also the reflection of that person’s thoughts. But even if we develop the right attitude and the positive outlook things may not turn in our favor as expected. Now, these delays and uncertainties have got a logic behind it and you have to keep up the spirit. It is a natural testing mechanism of the universe which weeds out weak thoughts and aspirations and astrology is a science which gauges these aspects of the universe. While it is true fact that developing a positive outlook is going to attract good things into your life, you might be baffled by your life when things don't work in your favor even after the best efforts mentioned in the book. Astrology comes handy here and will provide you with the scientific reasoning for your bad luck before you get mad at Rhonda Byrne. 

If you are an avid follower of the ideology- Law of attraction, then astrological insights will provide much clarity and would only bolster your faith in the Law of attraction. At times it is not just about your thought process, but some movements in the ether could also bring in good or bad things in your life. Astrology gives insights about one’s basic personality traits and an expert astrologer would be providing his guidance based on his analysis of the planetary positions and its impact on his client's horoscope. Law of attraction would need a lot of persistence and faith to manifest. One cannot be skeptical inside about it and pretend to be all positive, you cannot fool the universe like that. Sometimes things would be delivered to you by the universe just like that, but at times even after the visualization sections and the positivity exercises, you may not be able to get your hands on what you aspire. This is very disheartening and can drain your faith in the concept. But you need to understand the fact that there is a logical reasoning for that in astrology. Retrogression of Key planets or their malefic positioning can delay and postpone things in life. Astrology also provides insights about your mood swings and behavioral patterns. It helps you in smartly planning and then channelizing efforts according to various planetary positions so that your confidence and faith stays intact. For instance, if you want to really push ahead with something, you should check with your astrologer about the positioning of Mars so that you can use the planet’s energy to get a boost in whatever you are planning to achieve. So understanding astrology and an expert astrologer's help can make things much easy for you if you are a practitioner of cosmic ordering or law of attraction.

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