Astrological Tips for Holi - What to do & what not & how!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Holi, the festival of color, is in itself a feeling of color, prosperity, and happiness. It is not just a festival to celebrate spring; it is also the time to make specific life changes for more positivity and success.  consult our expert astrologers on



  • ARIES - Red color is lucky for you
  • TAURUS - Silver and light pink is lucky for you
  • GEMINI - Light green color is good for you
  • CANCER - The white color is lucky for you
  • LEO - Orange and magenta color is good for you
  • VIRGO - Sea green and dark green is good for you
  • LIBRA - The silver color is good for you
  • SCORPIO - Red color and maroon is good for you 
  • SAGITTARIUS - Yellow color and golden is lucky for you
  • CAPRICORN - Black and sky blue color is good for you
  • AQUARIUS - Sky blue and dark blue is good for you
  • PISCES - Yellow mustard color is lucky for you



ARIES, SCORPIO:- Take red jaggery and burn it in Holika Dahan.

TAURUS, LIBRA:- Take natural crystallized sugar with camphor and burn it in Holika Dahan.

GEMINI, VIRGO:- Take camphor and cardamom, and burn it in Holika Dahan.

CANCER:- Take white sesame, Loban, and burn it in Holika Dahan.

LEO:- wood, jaggery with camphor burn it in Holika Dahan.

CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS:- Black sesame, clove, black mustard burn it in Holika Dahan.

SAGITTARIUS, PIECES:- Sandalwood piece, camphor, and yellow mustard burn it. 


 Astrological Parikrama for Holi

  • ARIES:- Do 9 parikrama
  • TAURUS:- Do 11 parikrama
  • GEMINI:- Do 7 parikrama
  • CANCER:- Do 28 parikrama
  • LEO:- Do 29 parikrama
  • VIRGO:- Do 7 parikrama
  • LIBRA:- Do 21 parikrama
  • SCORPIO:- 28 Parikrama
  • SAGITTARIUS:- 23 parikrama
  • CAPRICORN:- 15 parikrama
  • AQUARIUS:- 25 parikrama
  • PIECES:- 9 parikrama



Do's and Don't for Holi

  • On the day of Holi, you should clean your home and take blessings from your elders.

  • This festival is of happiness and love. If you have any enmity with someone, you should finish it up and celebrate this festival together.

  • On the day of Holi, cover your head with any cloth, because at this time, Blackmagic is done, so be aware of it.

  • On the day of Holi, you should not eat white things like rice, milk, curd, etc.

  • After sunset, you should not play Holi; it has negative effects.

  • It would help if you sprinkled the ash of Holika Dahan in every corner of your house.

  • Never give money to someone on the day of Holi and never take money from someone; if you do it, it may give you losses.

  • Never cross your paths from dark areas on the day of Holi.

  • Don't drink alcohol or eat non-veg on the day of Holi.

  • Burn wheat grain earrings in the Holika Dahan for wealth and prosperity.


Here Are a Few Remedies to Cure Various Kinds of Dosha During Holi Time, Which No One Would Tell You. 

  1. If anyone is affected by Nazar dosha, he/she should bring coconut for every member in the family and then twirl it 7 times clockwise and then burn it in Holika Dahan. By doing this, Nazar dosha will get removed, and your obstacles in your work get cleared. 
  2. Take bhasma (ash) of holika dahan and use it as Tilak. It will give you attractiveness and prosperity, tie it in little yellow cloth, and keep it at the place of your money. You will never face problems related to money.
  3.  Take 7 Gomti Chakra in your hand and chant 108 times your Isht Devta mantra. Then burn it with Holika to make sure that it is adequately burned. Those married couples who fight a lot both together actively give gomti Chakra to Lord Shiva and MA Parvati; by doing this, their relationship will be good, and they will love each other.
  4. Those students who are not good at studies should take bhasma of Holika and make a locket and wear it. This will help to excel you. 
  5. At this period of Holika, mantra siddhi chanting is done. Those facing problems in business, job, studies, or any other professional activities should take mantras related to their work and do mantra siddhi. By chanting that mantra the whole year, they will get very good and successful results.

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