Astrological significance of Raksha Bandhan on 22 August 2021

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Astrological Significance of Raksha Bandhan on 22 August 2021

The auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on the 22nd of August in 2022. Astrologically, this day is called Shravan Poornima and it marks the end of the Shravan month. This days also celebrates the love and bonding between sisters and their brothers. 

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Interestingly, four planets are linked with this festival. Jupiter signifies elder siblings, and Mars signifies younger siblings. Likewise Sun signifies Father, and Moon signifies Mother. 

Mars is empowered in the birth horoscope when an elder sibling gets the rakhi tied on his or her wrist and vows to protect the younger sibling. Likewise the love and affection that the younger siblings shower on the elder siblings empowers Jupiter in the birth horoscope.

Also it is worth noting that a younger sibling, especially the younger sister looks up to the elder sibling in a Fatherly or Motherly form. In such a case Sun representing Father and Moon representing Mother is also influenced in the birth horoscope.  

This is the beauty of relationships. They can influence our nine planets better than any other remedy. The respect, love, care and affection that we have for our loved ones strengthens or weakens our planets also. This is a very important day not only to shower and seek blessings but also to correct the problems in the birth horoscope without having to perform any specific remedies. No one should miss out on the benefits of observing this festival in the right spirit.  

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This year the Shravan nakshatra will be present throughout the day on Raksha Bandhan making it more auspicious than other times. Do celebrate this day well. You can be assured that the love and bonding between brothers and sisters will improve with every passing day, and your nine planets will also find good reasons to bless you in the times ahead.

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