Astro Analysis: Rahul Gandhi

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Astro Analysis: Rahul Gandhi

The son of former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi was born into one of the most powerful families in the world. Being raised in the midst of intense politics, Rahul Gandhi has emerged as a rather dynamic political leader. Over the years, he has projected himself as a mature and capable member of the Indian National Congress. The testimony of this is his recent move to the position of Chairman for the party for the 2014 general elections. Rahul Gandhi represents the future of our country. His passion, abilities and vision has an important role to play on the country’s growth and development.

Born on 19th June, 1970, Rahul Gandhi truly embodies the traits of a Gemini as seen through his leadership ideals and policies. The foremost quality of being adaptive has been mirrored by him to the Indian public since a tender age. He has seen his entire family struggling and sacrificing their lives for the nation. In the gravest of circumstances, Rahul Gandhi engaged in a normal existence, a commendable feat when exposed to the public eye. Moreover, his political actions and reactions highlight the inherent qualities of a Gemini of being sociable and flexible. His quality to be easily compatible with individuals has helped him win the hearts of many Indians, in particular the youth, a section who has always been wary of politics. Rahul Gandhi is viewed as more than a politician; he is seen as a role model.  Moreover, he is seen as being understanding and flexible, a trait universal for Gemini. He agreed that it was essential to start at the bottom, to comprehend the rules of the game and to lay a strong foundation before assuming positions of responsibilities in the party. This has helped him to mature and to thereby establish stability.

The stars predict for Rahul Gandhi to have significant changes in 2013. This is evidenced by his latest position as chairman of the Congress. The year will demand extreme dedication and passion towards his work and commitments. Besides the general public, many even within the party may be cynical towards his methods and policies. However, it is important for him not be disheartened by negative opinions and should learn to take them in his stride. The indication is towards an unstable period only because it is during this time that he will lay the foundation to build on for the next few years.

Rahul Gandhi must remember that disappointments are to accepted, learnt from and then brushed aside. His immediate family and close acquaintances will stand by him during this phase. As a focused individual, he must chalk out his strategies carefully in order to appeal to the Indian public. The future belongs to Rahul Gandhi and the time ahead will bear witness to this.