Astro Analysis of Rajinikanth’s Political Entry

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Astro Analysis of Rajinikanth’s Political Entry

Probably the only actor from India to have such a huge fan following throughout the world. Yes, we are writing about the one and only Sivaji Rao Gaekwad a.k.a Rajinikanth.

Being a Sagittarian and having such huge superstardom and fame, it should not be surprising that he has decided to step foot in politics and has formally announced that he would be floating a New political party in Tamil Nadu. Earlier last year while speaking at an inauguration ceremony with friend cum potential political rival Kamal Hassan, he spoke jovially that; ‘I do not know what is required or needed to be successful in politics. Maybe Kamal knows. However, even if he knows, he won’t tell me.’  This shows his curiosity and jovial behaviour staying true to his Sagittarian character. He also further stated that ‘Name and Fame won’t suffice for success in politics.’

What do Astroyogi Astrologers feel about this big step taken by Rajinikanth?

Well, for starters, Sagittarians are very curious and therefore always like to try new things, they are extroverts and mystical as well. Rajinikanth’s entry into politics is only based on his superstardom and kind behaviour attribute towards the public. Astrologers predict that his political success can only be measured and realized if he uses his political position, if won, for the betterment of the public’s benefit and makes everyday life easier for the public through the various sectors that require attention. He will have to fulfil the promises made as well as keep the political parties interests alive.

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However, the problem he may face is that the public might expect some unfeasible work from him beneficial to them. This can be cleared, if he overcomes the obstacles and does deliver the ‘unfeasible’ work, then he would be cementing his feet into the history for centuries more to come. However, this expectation of unfeasible work could even come from the higher handshakes which could potentially tarnish his popularity.

A perfect example is the 1996 elections where all he did was promote the party’s symbol through a movie and requested his fans to vote for the said political party. The concerned party won the elections with almost minimal difficulty which can only be credited to Rajinikanth’s popularity and die-hard fan following.

Rajinikanth in his earlier years always hesitated to enter politics and has even reprimanded a few of his fans via the media for creating a party based solely on him about which he wasn’t aware of and denied being any part of it. He also strongly stated that he would even take legal action against those who do such acts in future.

The Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan holder need to act and deliver to the people of Tamil Nadu as expected by them or else it would be just fading glory as long as it lasts. The Great Rajini as far as known to the public wishes nothing but the best for all and tries to willingly help the public in any way possible. He must be optimistic and enthusiastic as per the Sagittarian character. Could he really bring out the fiction shown on his movies out to the reality like overthrowing corrupt organizations and making sure justice is being served? Or would it just take a flick of the cigarette as his signature style goes? Astroyogi Astrologers say that; We would just have to wait and see how this unfolds.

Naan Eppa varuven, eppadi varvennu yaarukkum theriyadhu, aana varavendiya nerathil correct-aga varuven. (Nobody knows when and how I will come but I will ar1rive when I ought to) – Rajinikanth’s one of the most famous dialogue.