Astro Analysis of IPL Titans

bell icon Thu, May 17, 2018
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Astro Analysis of IPL Titans

IPL T20 2018 is sure exciting with the return of Chennai Super Kings and many other additions. Our own expert Astrologers from Astroyogi would like to share some insights into couple of the prominent captains of some teams from the Vivo IPL T20 2018.

M. S. Dhoni:

MSD requires a jolt of both intellectual simulation and diversity on a constant basis if you take a look into his career. He likes to do many a things at a single time, which would mostly end up to having 2 professions. MSD as an individual will not be satisfied with a job that is stable and monotonous. He needs to face challenges on a daily basis and basically anything with a tinge of danger and thrill will keep him steady at the job. However, the outcome of his captaincy at the IPL T20 2018 of the team Chennai Super Kings would have an unpredictable answer. Nevertheless, it is seen that his performance level will not be limited in any way where he will definitely perform under pressure without the slightest fear. Being a Cancer zodiac, one of the traits is that he is brave and would take on anyone bigger and stronger than he is. He would certainly be a strong challenge to many opponents as long as his team would work with him flawlessly. Whether Captain Cool would lift the cup, well, we would just have to wait and see.

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Rohit Sharma:

At 30 years old, Rohit Gurunath Sharma is flying through a phase of tremendous form and grace. At the moment, he is the only cricketer who scored a century in all the 3 formats- T20’s, ODI’s and Test matches. Being a Taurus zodiac, the planets help Rohit achieve fame and fortune as well as gives him strength, the power of will and success. Currently, the planetary positions indicate that he is aggressive and has a positive approach. As the risk taker he is, it would not be surprising to see him play a lot of lofted shots. There is a probability that he may become one of India’s most accomplished batsmen. His performance has been steady and is the 5th highest scorer in whole IPL. All we can do is wait and see if he can race to glory by winning the Cup yet again.

 Virat Kohli:

A perfectionist, the Run Machine - Virat Kohli was no wonder seen as a really angry cricketer during his early days. He is an individual who likes to carry out projects with the perfection to even the minutest details. Not an individual who would be happy with the monotonous working life but rather strives under pressure. He loves challenges and will take on anything that is even a mountain to climb. Being a Cancer zodiac, he would be fearless and take on the challenges thrown at him with a smile. Despite his aggressive performance and being the highest paid cricketer in IPL, the team has not won a single cup till now and even this year’s IPL standing do not look good. However, there is still room for improvement and take the chance on winning the cup.

Ajinkya Rahane

Being a Gemini zodiac, Ajinkya Rahane a.k.a Jinks is not a man who is in a rush. Patience is virtue is like his motto. Ajinkya’s ladder climb will be slow and steady and he will definitely reach the top. His team Rajasthan Royals won the cup in 2008 and is yet to win another one. This year the team’s performance has not been promising but there is still time to turn it up and getting more aggressive. Ajinkya’s footing is strong and is advised to be the born commander that he has within himself. Regardless, the permanence of his position will be strongly bolted but in order to achieve the greater success, the reaction time has to become faster and he has to use his communication skills and be a good leader for the teammates. We will have to wait and see if Jinks could silken the route to lifting the cup yet again.