Astro Analysis of Dinesh Karthik

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Astro Analysis of Dinesh Karthik

An impressive score by India’s wicketkeeper-batsman, Dinesh Karthik, in Colombo, on 18th March 2018, helped India beat Bangladesh by four wickets, to win the coveted, Nidahas Trophy T20 Tri-Nation series. Karthik managed to pull off an incredible chase, doing a Javed Miandad with a last-ball six, beating a confident Bangladesh, in the process. Exactly 32 years back, Miandad had smashed a last-ball six to steer Pakistan to victory against India at Sharjah, helping his team lift the Asia Cup title.

On 18th, Dinesh went down in the history of cricket, alongside Javed Miandad.

Born on 1st June, Karthik is a high spirited and intellectual, Gemini. Karthik had the advantage of honing his reflexes ( very necessary if you want to be a sports man) at a very young age as he had an enthusiastic father who nurtured his interest in the sport. Karthik’s father himself, was a first-division cricketer from Chennai, who had to give precedence to his education over his interest in the cricketing career, thanks to family pressure. He made sure that his son did not suffer his fate.

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Gemini is blessed with a self confident, magnetic and balanced personality and that held Karthik in good stead. Rising steadily in his career, playing first for Tamil Nadu, Under-14’s, Karthik did face some bad moments on the field, but bounced back every time. A giant at domestic cricket, it took some time for him to establish himself at the International level. But Gemini’s can shine in any field they choose. And Karthik proved his mettle in the field of cricket.

The Gemini trait in Karthik makes him almost irresistible to the opposite sex. They flirt easily and make friends equally easily. It is no wonder that his first marriage was with his childhood sweetheart, Nikita Vanjara. Unfortunately they fell apart after five years of marriage and Karthik moved on to marry Dipika Palliwal, one of India’s finest squash players. A Gemini man in love may not believe in the ‘forever’ syndrome. Being an Air sign, Karthik may not be emotionally committed as per Nikita’s expectation. On the other hand, Karthik may have taken Nikita for granted and Nikita never got over her original flame, Murali Vijay, whom she eventually married.

Although Gemini’s don’t like to be bound in any relationship; once they commit, they would rather avoid any controversy than look out of marriage. Thus, when Nikita got involved with his buddy cricketer, he quietly cut the nuptial strings without a hullabaloo. He took some time to go public  about his relationship with Dipika, as he wanted to be sure of his feelings this time.

The Gemini is not one to give up easily in his career and Karthik has worked hard to reach a pinnacle in 2018. And why wouldn’t he? The stars were aligned in such a way that his desires were to be fulfilled this year. Mercury, the Lord of Gemini, will be supportive all through 2018. The combined effects of Jupiter and Saturn will help him reap fruits of his hard labour. With success, finances will automatically flow in. A little financial management is recommended for Gemini’s this year.