Arjun Kapoor - Astro Analysis of the Flamboyant Star

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Arjun Kapoor - Astro Analysis of the Flamboyant Star

Arjun Kapoor is a Bollywood actor and is son of film producer Boney Kapoor and Mona Shourie Kapoor. Of the better known celebrities with whom he is related, Sridevi is his stepmom, Anil Kapoor is his uncle and Sonam Kapoor is his cousin. Arjun has no qualms at being called a ‘Filmy child’ as he is part of a prestigious family of cineastes. But he doesn't brag about it, nor uses it to his advantage.

Arjun arrived on the silver screen with a bang, with his commercially successful debut film, Ishaqzaade, in 2012.

Born on 26 June, Arjun is a Cancer. This Ishaqzaade became a heartthrob of million girls, almost overnight.

Cancers work hard for what they want and Arjun gets full credit for a job well done. For someone who has suffered from obesity and the resulting emotional trauma associated with it, Arjun has been strong enough to counter both. To build up his confidence, he started working as an assistant director first. Being creative, he also helped his father in two of his productions.

Typically Cancers are blessed with a very strong intuition and Arjun knew that he was now ready for acting. As a new comer he didn't balk at acting alongside seasoned actors like Priyanka Chopra in Gunday and made a wonderful job of it. Says the sensitive Cancer,”I am happiest when in front of the camera and I only discovered this when I got up there”.

A Cancer can make tough choices and stick to it. Once Arjun was convinced by his idol, Salman Khan, that he had the talent to be a great actor provided he loses 50 extra kilos, Arjun decided on a diet plan and exercise and didn't give up till he achieved his goal.

Cancers like to be level-headed about most aspects of life. When his father moved out of home to marry Sridevi; although it was different for him as a kid to digest this; he refused to be a complainer and accepted the situation. Today, he loves Boney as much as any son would, his father.

A Cancer male has strong bonds with his mother. Mona was always a ‘friend’ to Arjun.

He is home-loving and conservative in his outlook. He is protective of his loved ones and other personal relationships and was at his family’s side all through the trauma of Sridevi’s death.

Being a Water Sign, a Cancer can just wall himself away from everyone, when he gets emotional about some situation. This can qualify as one of the negative traits of Cancer as he can then become moody. Arjun was known to be temperamental and grouchy as a ‘fat’ youngster. Even as an adult, Arjun doesn't open up easily with everyone and quoting him,”Is not really the heart of a party”.

Arjun, like a typical Cancer, is passionate where love is concerned.

2018 is a year that Cancers will receive plentitude of success and opportunity. Arjun has three great films lined up for release this year. The stars look upon him with favour this year and he can thus, expect to flourish in his career.

We, at Astroyogi, wish Arjun Kapoor a wonderful birthday on 26 June.