April 2018 Tarot Forecast by Mita Bhan

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
April 2018 Tarot Forecast by Mita Bhan

Celebrity Tarot Reader Mita Bhan gives out the Tarot forecast for April 2018. Enjoy your reading.


Something’s bothering you and you can’t put your finger on this growing sense of uneasiness. For a while you may feel like the others in the team are out to steal your idea or worse still, keep you out of the loop. Don’t run away with suspicion. Simply detach and return after a while. Overwork is taking its toll on your health, make some time for you. Personal relationships may be strained, realise it’s not them who needs to change, it’s your attitude towards them. Deep and total relaxation will be very therapeutic. Avoid committing too soon, be a little patient.


Work may be boring you, or perhaps a relationship begins to lose its thrill. A part of you want to start afresh or simply run away to the mountains and completely let go of worldly life. Whatever it is that is bothering you will stop the minute you realise that only you can make a positive difference into your life.  Release blame and guilt. And focus on reinventing a part of you that you may have neglected. Your body may need exercise. Or you may need to up your vitamin intake. If you’ve been finding it hard to relax, how about a day at the spa? Financially expect some good news towards the end of the month


Stop being so stubborn and thinking only your view is right. Pause and truly listen to what others are advising you. A part of you may know it’s true but your ego isn’t ready to listen. Keep your eyes and ears open for a sudden opportunity. Your work load may suddenly increase and annoying disruptions could hold you back from completing your tasks. Relax, you’re only being tested on endurance levels. How much can you take? You’re stronger than you think. A great month for putting your dream into action. Express your creativity and take out time to play.


Travel broadens the mind and this is a wonderful period for getting away from it all. You may discover the student within you itching to learn a new subject or skill. What stops you? A young man may open your mind to a whole new perspective. And if single, expect the sparks of chemistry and a short, sweet affair. Married couples may find it’s time to change home or expand your living space. Children will surprise you with their intelligence. An expensive month so do keep aside some money for a rainy day.


Relax, your fears are not coming true. Stop taking the safe path, and will yourself to taking a few risks. The coming few months promise success and results but only if you take a leap of faith. In the personal front expect reconciliations or some form of making up with a special someone. Hearts get mended. And vows get renewed. A lucky break comes your way, don’t hold yourself back, say YES and see where you head. Pay attention to the signs the Universe is showering you, you will get what you want in the long term. But are you willing to wait?


Tempers run high and you may find yourself irritated with a few souls at the workplace. Bickering may escalate into full blown arguments. Keep your temper in check. And if it gets unbearable, go for a walk. This is not the time to make enemies in the team. A young man may annoy you to the point of exasperation. Even in the home front family members may begin to wonder about your sullenness. What aspect of yourself are you denying? Can a little introspection help?  No one is going to tell you what you are doing wrong but will show it to you in their actions. Tune inwards and make the necessary changes.


One door closes, and another door opens. Don’t take rejection personally. And try not to get too disappointed. Bigger, better opportunities are coming your way. You just have to believe in yourself a little more. A project you were waiting for may get delayed or cancelled. Doesn’t matter, there’s a lot of other things you can do can’t you? An old friend may need your help. And a sibling may require advice or aid. Financially a week of planning, spend carefully. Before lending money ask yourself if you can give without expectation of return.


An investment pays off. Your team bags a prized account. And sales figures reach an all time high. A week of celebrations. And knowing that somewhere you deserve every bit of it. Your astute business sense is not going unrecognised. And you may feel like starting out on your own or contemplating a new investment. Lady Luck is smiling on you. Your personal life can get better but first you need to look within and see what needs changing from your side if you want the harmony to return. If planning to buy or sell property this month promises the beginning of activity.


Repairs and firefighting seem to be theme song for the days ahead. Something breaks down, and just as you fix it, something else goes bust. Relax, you’re capable enough to make it all happen for you. Try not to fret about things that are beyond your control. And nagging is not going to help either. If your spouse or mate has been stubborn, let them be. Children may be exasperating as well with their unwillingness to listen. Remember you can only do so much and no more.


Hope springs forth and you find yourself renewed and reinvigorated. Your energy levels are high and a lot can get accomplished in the following days. Just make sure things aren’t done to hastily. A careless mistake could prove costly. Personally you may feel like a makeover and opt for a new hairstyle or even revamp your wardrobe. Pamper yourself a bit, don’t you think you deserve it? An old acquaintance may reveal a surprising side to their personality. Believe their actions not their words.


Worrying is simply a waste of energy. And trying to control what’s truly not in your hands is only going to raise your blood pressure. Learn to let go. At work, a tiresome project or situation finally comes to an end, bringing relief for all. At home, a parent may need medical attention and should feel better within a few days. Watch out for overeating or overspending. Now’s the time for balance and moderation, and not indulgence! 


Be patient dear Piscean, things will work out the way you have planned but you need to learn how to wait. If recuperating from an illness or ailment make sure you eat the right food to bring your energies back. An annoying colleague may provoke you into saying or doing something quite surprising. In terms of your love life, you may need to improve your listening skills if you want more happiness. Singles may start noticing new people, or begin to get noticed by a new admirer.

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