Akshay Kumar is a Virgo, and it shows

Our ‘Indian Jackie Chan’, Akshay Kumar, one of the most successful actors of Bollywood, was born on 9th September 1967.

He exhibits typical Virgo precision and efficiency in most things.

Having an understanding, supportive and cooperative father, made Akshay concentrate on his career goals without too much fuss. Although he first set out to be a martial arts trainer, he soon changed his path towards the arc-lights when he realised he had the looks for it. Martial arts taught this Virgo to pay attention to details, be hard working, efficient and methodical and these qualities helped him rise fast in the film world.

Akshay Kumar is one actor who is very professional in his work. The Virgo characteristic in him makes him follow a healthy, daily regime which keeps him fit and going. Inspite of being a part of the glitzy world of late night parties and drinks, Akshay is one actor who has unabashedly kept away from all this. Being an Earth sign, he has always been grounded. Ruled by Mercury, this Virgo man is a bundle of energy-both mentally and physically; thanks to the disciplined life that he leads.

Akshay has always been modest about his background and never forgotten his childhood friends. The Virgo in him has kept him balanced and humble. Despite the fact that he is now a superstar, he has retained a one bedroom house in Chandni Chowk, where he used to stay in his childhood, and regularly comes to spend a night here to catch up with friends and relatives.

Like the typical Virgo, Akshay is not very fond of the lime-light and likes to keep away from award functions and other such dos. Akshay is more of a people’s man and coming from a humble background, feels out of place in the filmy world.

This irresistible hunk has had his fair share of romance not only in his hay days but also after he got married. Virgos like to indulge in simple pleasures of life and love is one of them. He has wooed the most talented and beautiful actresses of Bollywood and it was his charm, gentleness, guilelessness combined with intelligence, not to forget that toned body, that kept them hooked to him.

A Virgo man will have lasting relationship with a partner who is willing to follow his dogged determination to remain fit, active and healthy. He fortunately found it in Twinkle Khanna.

As a spouse, the Virgo in Akshay, makes him an organised, ‘routine-following’, ‘little stringent on finances’, but fun-loving and ‘giving space’ type of husband. He is committed to wife Twinkle, although the ‘casanova' in him was revived with Priyanka Chopra for some time. But Twinkle’s breath-taking beauty and intelligence has kept this romantic stud reigned in.

Virgo’s are family people and so is Akshay. He is most comfortable and relaxed in his hearth. As a father, he has high standards for his children and enjoys teaching them responsibilities and leading a healthy, active lifestyle. He made his son start training martial arts from age four. Being practical, he has kept them away from the lime light but does post proud pictures of them when they achieve something big, like, when his son got his first degree black belt.

His intelligence and witty nature and ability to connect with the masses makes this Virgo a very likeable man.

Traditionally Yours,

Team astroYogi.com


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