5 Ways to Find Your Soulmate

bell icon Thu, Sep 04, 2014
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
5 Ways to Find Your Soulmate

The thought of finding your soulmate is a blissful one and we have all desired for that one companion who understands our needs in and out. A soulmate is someone who knows you even better than you, and loves you more than yourself. This person not only understands your heart and mind, but also your soul. This journey won’t be easy, well for most of us. We do have some exceptions where the twin souls have reached and recognized each other, but others will just have to put in an extra effort. So, before you set out on your journey, have a look at a few factors which can help you reach your destination, maybe a little more easily.

Absorb what you feel

Often when reaching near your soulmate, an inner voice will command you towards him/her. Read those feelings, don’t take them for attraction or infatuation; this might just be it! On this journey, following your heart is the only rule. So, don’t ignore it. After all, it’s your heart which has the strongest connection with your soulmate; it cannot mislead you!

Reuniting with Childhood Friends

One find day, when you’re on your usual morning walk and suddenly pops up an old school mate or neighborhood friend! What a coincidence, isn’t it? Well, not always do such beautiful coincidences happen. They happen only for a reason. If you understand that reason, your journey might reach its happy ending. Often our soulmate is somewhere around us, as a friend, neighbor or classmate. We may not be able to recognize them at that time. So if you’ve suddenly met with a long lost friend, this could be a signal right from the stars!

Intuitions and Gut Feelings!

When two people are meant to be together, there’s someone sitting up there arranging for this meeting. Try to understand. Read your intuitions, follow your gut feeling; you’re getting them for a reason. You may suddenly feel like travelling to a place far off. This could be a signal. Just drop a message at work and set out for the journey. There may be times when you see a particular place or home in your dream; this can also be your soulmate’s call to you!

Know What You’re Looking For

Your soulmate will have all the qualities you’ve been looking for in your life partner. Similarly, you’ll have all the traits he/she has been looking for. To make things easier and clearer, make a list of what you want to see in a life partner. Keep it very clear in your mind and heart so that when you meet your soul partner, you instantly know that this is your stop!

Believe in Yourself and Your Soulmate

It is very important that before you set out on this journey, you assure yourself completely. Keep no doubts about your intentions or your soulmates existence. A positive mind finds positive results. Start your steps with the confidence of turning back only with your better half and you will, in no time, be able to reach out for him/her.