5 Most embarrassing things only Leos would do

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
5 Most embarrassing things only Leos would do

We all have our embarrassing moments; often because we either were too clumsy or too distracted. But there are certain situations in which only a zodiac sign like Leo can end up doing something absolutely embarrassing, which could easily have been avoided.

Certain traits in a Leo can sometimes result in them doing something awkward or funny, all by themselves. Like, say, their dressing sense. A Leo will always be dressed in their own style. They do not follow fashion; they make their own fashion. They love to be the center of attention, even if it means dressing up in an awkward manner. This can be quite embarrassing for their partners/family sometimes and no amount of persuasion at that moment, will make them tune in with the norm.

Leos can really get carried away sometimes while talking. They don’t even have to try hard to get you laughing, as they say some of the most random things. But while trying to get people laughing, they can often end up dragging a joke and embarrassing themselves. This can also backfire, as sometimes they tend to become self-centred and harsh, and say things without considering the fact that they could hurt someone.

The Lion loves to be around people, and they love ‘drama’. Since they are ruled by the Sun, the source of infinite energy, Leos are energetic individuals and spread positive vibes around. This invites people into their immediate circle and they enjoy this attention as it makes them feel ‘God-like’. Confident and energetic by nature, they can often get loud and ‘pitchy’ when excited. This can then get quite embarrassing for those accompanying them in public.

Leos are also extremely honourable, and will always stick to their word. They will pay off bets they have lost, even if it means embarrassing themselves in front of a crowd. They love a good challenge. If you are looking to make trouble, dare a Leo to do something ostentatious. A Leo’s greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say they can’t do.

They are loyal and faithful and will defend someone until the very end. Once a Leo trusts you, they will be extremely loyal and protective, probably some of the most loyal people you will ever meet. You will always have a Leo as an ally, provided they care about you. If ever you are pushed to a corner during an altercation with someone else, you can be sure that out of all your friends, it will be a Leo who will stand with you and fight with the bullies, until he/she is blue in the face. Courageous and brave, they do not shy away from showing their strength.

Leos really dont ever grow up. They always have a childish side to them, as they never stop seeking for something thrilling to do. They love being adventurous and spontaneous, so you can expect a Leo to come up with unpredictable plans and ideas, be it an impromptu trip in the middle of the night, or going for an adventure-sport for a date. All will be well till he/she does something ridiculous in the garb of ‘adventure’.

All in all, it is great to be friends with a Leo, but be prepared for ‘anything’ happening when you are with them. Just anything!