2017 Saturn Transit in Sagittarius - Know How This Major Transit Will Affect You

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2017 Saturn Transit in Sagittarius - Know How This Major Transit Will Affect You

On 26th January’ 2017, Saturn - the planet of judgment and awareness is going to change its dwelling from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Here it will stay till 23rd January’ 2020. Sagittarius is ruled by the mighty Jupiter. Saturn - a karmic (action oriented) planet entering into a sign of Jupiter or any planet except mercury will do pretty well.

Astrologer Upma Shrivastava predicts how this transit will affect all 12 signs of the zodiac. 

New opportunities for the job will come. Efforts to increase finance will now move in positive direction. You may choose to aim for a better job by getting yourself enrolled in a short-term skills enhancement course. Those in business may look at getting into new partnerships to expand the business. In this period, the major focus will be on career and this may lead to your personal life getting ignored. You are advised to try spending quality time with your family. Nothing alarming health wise, but you should exercise caution as issues related to the backbone, joints, eyes and heart are indicated for you in 2018. 
Remedy – Wear Ruby pendant/ ring in gold on a Sunday. Keep your essential documents in Southwest direction of home or office. Place a family picture in Southwest direction for love and harmony in the family.

Saturn is a benefic planet for Taurus natives. It is the lord of fortune and career house and now going to transit through the house signifying longevity, inheritance, litigation and occult. Students will be inclined towards research oriented studies and courses. Professionals are expected to get promotions in the same job or switch careers for higher income. Businessmen are advised to keep their eyes open for even the smallest opportunities, unexpected profits are indicated. Also, keep all your legal documents and finance work updated to avoid any kind of harm to reputation. The transition also marks a favorable period for enriching family by marriage or baby birth. 
Remedy - Wear Diamond in gold on a Friday. Keep West direction clean and dosh free. Place your visiting card, certificates and achievements picture in West direction of home or office to energize career luck. 

GEMINI This transit of will open new avenues for business. Your business expansion goals may realize in this period either by getting into a new partnership or even taking a loan for additional investments. Those who are into some job, need to exercise patience as delay in salary increment is indicated. Things will eventually work out and you can also look at an investment in property or a purchase of a vehicle. Look out for any misunderstandings among the family members and try to resolve them at the earliest as this may disrupt the harmony in long run. 
Remedy – Wear Emerald in gold on a Wednesday. Keep some coins in a green ceramic bowl in the North direction of your office. Keep the North direction of your home and office clutter-free.

Moon - the governing planet of Cancer sign is fast moving, emotional, and sensitive and keeps enmity with Saturn. Saturn - the lord of inheritance, longevity, and hindrance is going to transit through disease, enemy and debt house. Your hidden enemies will make several unsuccessful attempts to hurt you, but this would demand your alertness. Professionally, a good year to switch jobs or even getting promoted in the same job. Those in business will be presented with lucrative investment opportunities. Make sure that you take good care of your health this year as some minor ailments if ignored, can give you a good amount of trouble. Be extra careful about your lower body.  
Remedy – Wear Coral pendant in gold on a Tuesday. Place churning of the sea (samudra manthan by God’s and Demons) picture in Southeast direction of home. Place a bowl filled with fresh flowers in Northwest direction. 

These are generalized predictions based on the sun sign. For a more personalized prediction based on your birth chart, you can consult astrologer Upma Shrivastava and seek guidance on how to reap maximum benefits from this transit. All first time users will get Rs. 100 worth of FREE talktime.

Leo is ruled by Sun. Saturn and Sun are believed to be against each other. Saturn’s transit through the house of intelligence, intuition, creativity and spirituality is going to be favorable for your career but this won’t come with putting in some extra efforts. Your will and skills, both will be put to test but if you succeed, there will be immense growth in name and fame. Travel will bring positive change in life. You are advised to practice patience for keeping peace and harmony in the family. Health wise, try to maintain a healthy diet and keep the diseases at bay. 
Remedy – Wear Ruby pendant in gold on a Sunday. Place Ashoka chakra symbol in East direction of your office or home.

Mercury (the lord of Virgo) and Saturn are friendly planets. Saturn is going to transit through the 4th house, the house of family happiness, vehicle and property. This transit of Saturn is known as ‘chaturth dhayya’. Some career-related issues may trouble you in the later half of 2017. You are advised to sit tight and avoid taking any hasty decision as good things will come only in 2018. Those involved in any kind of business should look out for any legal matters pertaining to partnerships. Despite all the challenges, you need to avoid too much stress on your body as ailments related to nervous system and bones are indicated. Those suffering from any chronic disease have to be extra careful. Patience will be the key to sail through this phase, dear Virgo.
Remedy – Wear Emerald pendant in gold on a Wednesday. Do not store too much stuff in the Northeast direction of your house and also avoid placing any red coloured things here. Place blue porcelain vase filled with water in Northeast direction.

Saturn is benefic for Libra and is also friendly with Venus, the governing planet of Libra. Saturn is going to transit through the house of efforts, siblings, short travel and power. Students or even young professionals can choose to go to some foreign land for higher education or skill enhancement. This transit will leave you a little spiritually inclined and you may also plan a religious trip with your family. On the professional front, things look good till the first half of 2017 but post that, work will demand more of you. But, this should not make you ignorant about your health; be cautious about any ENT, shoulders, and nerves related ailments.
Remedy – Wear Diamond in gold on a Friday. Avoid placing water element in the Southeast direction. Keep your essential documents in West direction. 

This transit of Saturn also marks the last two and half years phase of afflicted Saturn. In this duration, financial difficulties will keep bothering you, dear Scorpio. Any change in the job during this two and a half years phase may cause separation from family. For those in business, earning profits will demand tireless efforts. You can expect some cash flow from a sale of old property or vehicle. Those who have been waiting to get married, things will start moving in the right direction now and you may hear the wedding bells very soon. No major health issues are indicated.
Remedy – Wear Coral in gold on a Tuesday. Keep Northeast direction Vastu dosh free. Sit facing towards the East direction while signing any essential documents.

Saturn is going to transit in Sagittarius. This transit of Saturn is known as 2nd phase of afflicted Saturn. From here, Saturn is going to affect relationships, career, and business. In the year 2017, efforts should be concentrated on completing any pending projects. You can receive job opportunities from a foreign land. For businessmen, it may be difficult to see any significant growth in 2017. But with the onset of 2018, things will start improving. If you are planning to start a family, now is a good time. Nothing looks like bothering you on the health front.  
Remedy – Wear Yellow Sapphire in gold on a Thursday. Place yellow metal Kuber statue in North direction. Keep East direction of your house and workplace clean.

Saturn is the governing planet of Capricorn. This transit of Saturn will mark the 1st phase of afflicted Saturn for Capricorns. Irrelevant travel and unnecessary expenses may bother you and become the reason of mental stress. This may also lead to a very weak financial position, you are advised to avoid all kinds of unnecessary expenses. Your hidden enemies will make several unsuccessful attempts to hurt you, but this would demand your alertness. Spending time will family will help you to de-stress and also maintaining the prosperity at home. If diabetic, watch out for those spikes in sugar levels due to excessive stress. 
Remedy – Wear Diamond in gold on a Friday. Keep the West direction at home and office clean. Keep a brass bowl in the West direction with some coins in it.

Saturn - the lord of Aquarius is going to transit through the wish fulfillment house. Saturn is the natural significator of this house. From here, Saturn – the action-oriented planet gives the result of one's actions. Interest towards deep knowledge, research or learning new subjects will increase. You may find yourself inclined towards spiritual energies and an urge to understand the purpose of. Gradually, things will become better at work. You are advised to be careful about your health as some heart-related issues are indicated.
Remedy – Wear Diamond in gold on a Friday. Avoid placing black coloured or any iron stuff in North direction. Setup and place a library or a portrait of books in a wooden frame in the Southwest direction.

Saturn is a natural significator of karma (actions) and it is transiting from karma (actions) house. It is inimical to Jupiter, the lord of Pisces. You may witness some issues with your current job but it is advised that you should stick to the same job for a while. Avoid any kind of confrontation with seniors; any impatient decision may cause harm to your financial stability. On the family front, make sure you are not ignoring your partner, he/she will prove to be your bigger support at such difficult times. You will need to overlook any small misunderstandings and try to maintain the harmony between you two. 
Remedy – Wear Yellow Sapphire in gold on a Thursday. Place your picture in a maroon shade wooden frame in the South direction of your home. Sit facing towards North direction while doing any important work.