10 Reasons Why You Are the Way You Are

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
10 Reasons Why You Are the Way You Are

We are all born with a unique personality and nature; some good qualities and some bad. Some of our traits are loved by all and others bag us a few negative remarks. The tricky part is that since all these traits are innate, we don't have much control on them. Let's find out why we are the way we are!


Friendly (a little too much?)

Friend of one and friend of all! Does this describe you well enough? Are you the always-there-for-everyone kind? Well, that is just awesome. You have a confident and positive approach and therefore connect well with others. You also like being in the lime light and hence, attract a lot of people around you.  Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Pisces are born with this beautiful trait.

Curious Cat (wink)

“What's going on there?” “Why did he call you?” ‘What happened after the party?” “Shush! Let me hear what they're talking about”; are these your favorite words?  One hell of a curious mind you've got there! The urge to know everything makes you like this. Of course, there's nothing wrong with it! A curious mind leads to great inventions and creations! You'll often find a Virgo or an Aquarian digging very deep.

The Romantic Lover

Does the lover within you comes alive every time you lay your eyes on an attractive person from the opposite sex? Do you start planning a cozy candle light dinner and a long walk across the street at dawn? Your romantic tactics make you win hearts because romance is all you've got in your heart! You can find an irresistible lover in a Taurus or Libra! They are prone to falling head over heels in love.

The Worried Soul

Some people are quite conscious about their reputation, always worried about offending or hurting others (even unknowingly). This way you restrict your friends' circle and people end up thinking you're antisocial or reserved. You people have this tendency due to your soft and caring heart and emotions. Cancer, Scorpio and surprisingly Libra fall under this category.

Flirty much!

Are you the guy who makes all the girls in the room giggle as you enter? Or are you the girl who leaves guys awestruck just at the sight of you? Well, what a flirtatious little thing we've got here. You all are just happy and friendly (in a different way) people who love to see happy people around them. Flirting is generally just your way of bringing a smile on other's faces. This naughty trait is clearly visible in a Sagittarian or a Gemini.

The Angry Bird!

Some of us often have temper issues. We cannot control ourselves and burst out like a volcanic eruption! Why is that? Well, either you're too patient and have reached your no tolerance point, or you just have that angry streak in you. It's natural, although you can try to keep it in control, but only to some extent, after all, what is an innate trait remains an innate trait! Aries, Scorpions, Leos, and Taureans have the most horrifying temper outbursts (whenever they have them).

The Helping Hand

You people are always there to help others. Even if it's 1 AM in the night or 4 in the morning, you are that friend who's always there when needed.  This isn't an attempt to please others; it's just your way of staying happy. Your heart feels comforted when you comfort others. Taureans, Aquarians and Virgos are the helping souls here!

The Workaholic

Your professional life is reaching new heights; happy bosses, quick promotions and a successful career, you guys have it all. Umm.. and your personal life, is also your office. You like spending late nights together, don't you? Your high ambitions make you a very hard worker. Not a bad thing, but it's always good to have some alone time to relax. All you Capricorns out there, are you listening?

The Optimist

A flat tyre early in the morning, heavy rainfall causing traffic or a fight with your mother just before stepping out; no matter what, a few of us will just find a reason to smile. Finding the positive side of every situation is a wonderful trait, isn't it? Having such an optimistic approach towards life is appreciable. You are positive about everything; this is just an innate trait that you're blessed with. Being a Sagittarian or an Aries is in other words, being gifted!

The Perfectionist

“Push the cupboard a little to the right, no no, a little to the left, not that much! Push it to the right again, a little more, perfect!” Wow! What a perfectionist we have here! So what is it that makes you this eager for perfect work? Yes, you have an eye for perfection and you know how to reach there too! You're bosses might love you for this! Hey Virgos, do we see a little giggle there?