Dog Chinese Horoscope 2019

Rat Chinese Horoscope 2019

The Rat is the first zodiac in the Chinese Zodiac Cycle. The Rat years are 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032, 2044, 2056.. and so on, i.e. those born in these years come under the Rat sign. Rats, in the year of Pig will be blessed by ‘Tai Yang’ and ‘Tian Yi’, yet affected by several inauspicious stars like ‘Bing Fu’, ‘Tian Kong’ and ‘Xian Chi’.
The blessing of ‘Tai Yang’ will contribute to your career development while ‘Tian Yi’ will help reduce the impact of calamities when you are in trouble. Some negativity may come from ‘Bing Fu’, resulting in some minor illness and misfortune, and you may suffer financial losses due to ’Tian Kong’. ‘Xian Chi’ could bring bad luck for love.

The Chinese zodiac sign,Rat, in 2019, predicts the following in detail for its own year:

Career Horoscope for Rat

The Tai Yang is the Sun, and under the blessings of the Sun, Rats will be able to attain their career goals. This will especially be useful for male Rats as Tai Yang is more partial to men. The New Year will also prove successful career-wise; for self-employed Rats who may be considering expanding the markets, as well as for those hunting for jobs as they may come across good offers. For those who wish to change professions, now is the right time to strike! You will also receive more support and guidance from loved ones. All in all, at work, Rats are likely to receive recognition, and maybe even promotions! 

Love Horoscope for Rat

For all the singles ready to mingle, Tian Yi will bring you good luck and guide you in your love life. This might be the year you find your ‘other-half’. However, Xian Chi, could incite cheating, especially for married couples, so do not get too enthusiastic when interacting with the opposite sex. This star also brings short love relationships, so be sure you do not confuse every romantic encounter, thinking this is ‘the one’. 

Health Horoscope for Rat

Bing Fu will affect people under the Rat sign in 2019. You will likely suffer from illness, so keep a track of your diet and try to include some more exercises in your routine. 
The sickness star, Bing Fu, may also cause uneasiness and tiredness. You may likely keep unwell often during the year. Apart from your physical health, you may feel lonely and isolated after a lovers- spat or a break up, which could take a toll on your emotional well being as well. 

Wealth Horoscope for Rat

You may have a hard time keeping your expenses in check. Looks like you could be spending more than what you are actually making. That said, a lot of your income might simply go waste due to Bing Fu. This also includes health-related expenditures. Watch where and how you may be spending your money as it could result in financial losses.

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