Dog Chinese Horoscope 2019

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2019

The Rabbit is the fourth zodiac in the Chinese Zodiac Cycle. The Rabbit years are 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, 2035… and so on, i.e. those born in these years come under the Rabbit sign. Rabbit horoscope for 2019- in the year of Pig, indicates that, things will go smoothly in your life with the help of Tai Sui. Your auspicious stars will help you if you get in trouble, but for the most part, it’s smooth sailing for you this year. The future looks bright as well! 

 The Chinese zodiac sign, Rabbit, in 2019, predicts the following in detail for its own year:

Career Horoscope for Rabbit 

For those Rabbits in a leadership position, 2019 will provide you with a wider space to develop your skills and work towards a more successful career. Good things take time so do not hurry things at work or you could miss out on important details. Your colleagues and co-workers will also be supportive, due to auspicious ‘Tai Sui'. However, ‘Wu Gui’ could entice envy in those around you. Try to avoid being in the limelight at work to maintain a peaceful and harmonious work environment. 

Love Horoscope for Rabbit

Compatibility with ‘Tai Sui’ will ensure that your love life is full of surprises this year. Rabbit horoscope for 2019 bodes great luck for all the singles with the opposite sex. On the other hand, for the married Rabbits, your compatibility and comfort with your partner will increase, and you both are likely to get along better with each other. This could also be a good time to plan a romantic getaway with your partner, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. 

Health Horoscope for Rabbit

Health Horoscope for Rabbit during 2019 is likely to be good. Your adequate luck in the health area will keep you healthy and free from any major illness. There may be presence of some inauspicious stars, like 'Fei Lian’, Bai Hu’, and ‘Mo Yue’, which could leave you feeling restless, and prone to minor injuries. Avoid engaging in reckless or any dangerous activities. Your emotions may get the better of you, and you may want to withdraw, but support from a loved one could be useful. Changing weather conditions could also impact your health, so be wary of the temperatures before stepping out. 

Wealth Horoscope for Rabbit

Rabbit horoscope for 2019 looks like it will not only bring good luck for Rabbits, but also bring in a good income. Compatibility with auspicious star ‘Tai Sui’ will also result in additional support for you. It will guide you towards the right path, so you are able to make more money the right way. Another auspicious star, ‘San Tai’ will also help Rabbits accumulate wealth, but at a comparatively slower pace. The star will result in a consistent and stable income throughout the year. You could also end up earning more profits through new contacts and networks, so socialise with professional and well-known people whenever you get the chance.

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